Rumpus Vol. 6: Dia De Las Criaturas Muertas

It was only my second Rumpus ever, but the night confirmed for me that this is my favourite party in London town. The mini-festival atmosphere incapsulated by the big old warehouse premises of the Electrowerkz in Islington was electrified by a sheer endless array of random moments created by a beautiful mix of people. Almost everyone made an effort to dress up – which meant I could have almost been blindfolded and still would have been able to take brilliant shots. I felt like all I needed to do was to point and shoot and I could be guaranteed someone interesting was doing something interesting right in front of me.

Wicked danceable Life bands, Djs playing DnB, Dubstep, Ska, Pulp-Fiction-Tunes, Polka – man there was everything – except Techno or House. So a reallly refreshing compilation for your ears

If you needed a break from dancing your bottocks off you also had a little cinema, a cake stand, art installations, hot food, and of course the talented hair and make-up ladies from “Hairy Poppins” – who in case you needed a little upgrade turned your hair and face into somethig out of this world.

Stefan Klenke – Itchyi