Rumpus Vol. 6: Dia De Las Criaturas Muertas

I heard about this event from some friends at AntiChrist and it sounded like an event that was not to be missed. They were right.

The gathering was to celebrate that most traditional of October dates, the Dia de las Criaturas Muertas, also known as the Day of the Dead Creatures. The celebrations included the finest canticles from bands such as the all mighty Sam and the Womp, the fearsome Penny Black Remedy, and the incorrigible Perhaps Contraption. They had DJs ready with dirges and the Rubbish Sideshow Circus.
The venue was very well chosen with lots of rooms to provide variety enough for everyone who attended. Most of the dance floors were upstairs. A stage and dance floor on the ground floor provided entertainment such as bands and the Rubbish Sideshow Circus, who brought some weird and wonderful performances and acrobatics.
The Cult of the Cubicle brought weird and wonderous cinematic delights, and the Traveling Tavern looked after everyone with the very finest jazz, blues and ragtime styles. There were far too many bands to list them all but all tastes were catered for in one fashion or another.

There was also an altar that features in several photos. Everyone was encouraged to bring offerings. A lost tail, an old letter, a found feather, all gathered in honour of Las Criaturas Muertas.

Essentially a wonderful, eccentric and eclectic mix of people and events and a very fun and crazy way to spend a saturday night. I would encourage everyone to make a space in their diaries for the next event!