Recent Rumpi have sold out in as little as 75 seconds.  Seventy five little seconds…
Less time than Glastonbury takes to sell out.

Getting hold of a Rumpus ticket is becoming a quest worthy of tales, and, sadly, with the number of venues shutting down across London we’re struggling to find a new home wherein we can grow further.

And so, behold: the Rumpus Membership Scheme – otherwise known as the League of Ridicule.

The short version is that for £25 for a Single Membership or £45 a year for a Double Membership, Creatures will be admitted into the fabled League of Ridicule for one season (running December – July).

Each and every single member of the League of Ridicule will have one whole week, prior to general release, in which to purchase one (Single Memberships) or two (Double Memberships) tickets with a 33% discount from full price.

Memberships to the League of Ridicule will be strictly capped at 200 and will be on sale for two weeks only – from 18th September to 1st October. Please click here to purchase yours.

Memberships will NEVER grant access to special VIP content. Rumpus will never have paid-for VIP content. We have worked, run and attended thousands of events in the past 15 years, and we firmly believe that our policy of never segregating our Creatures based on income levels is one of the things that makes Rumpus special.

Please note that sales of our Memberships will reopen again on 18th September 2019.
(Exceptions will only be made in the most exceptional of cases).