Rumpus: Zeus vs Seuss!

Rumpus returns!  Welcome back, loyal and royal creatures! Back from the dust and the deserts, the fields and the festivals. 

To celebrate your return to the raddled old beauty that is London in Autumn we bring you, across three floors and seven rooms: lascivious live bands; DJs with beats so dangerous they’re addictive; and the legendarily glandular gathering of the Crew Creative to tempt, tantalise and tease the tired limbs of summer into one more frenzied night of music, magic, mystery and mayhem!

The return of the Cat in the Hat – will the Fish petition Poseidon? Will Hermes harangue the Wonderland word faster than the Fox in Sox?  Will Horton meet Cindy Lou Who or will Eurydice find her Orpheus?  Will Thing One and Thing Two pit their wits against Artemis?  One thing is certain; we will battle the grumpiness of the Grinch with bursts of Bacchic bonhomie!

This Way To The TICKETS!

Dress code:

From Ares to Sappho, from Thing Two to Thing One 
All Creatures are welcomed to dressing up fun 
From Glittering Gorgons to Foxes in Boxes 
With tails on their bottoms and shine in their locksies 
The Creatures, creative will walk in the door 
Alluring Athenians, Cats Hats Bats and more! 
There’ll be Neophytes aplenty, Fishes Old, Red and Blue, 
Nyads and Dryads and Elephants too 
Lazy old Maisie Bird might flutter in 
Oh, and Hermes, and Hera and Zeus for the win! 

This Way To The TICKETS!


Main Room

Hallouminati – Get down to where the gritty realms of skankin‘ ragga punk vies with traditional Greek rembetiko vibes.

Mariachi El Pinche Gringo – these inescapably joyous troubadours will put a mad grin on your face and rhythm into your every step.

Clan Dextine – journey through bass and time, from swing to ska, blues to Balkan, roots to rave and beyond!

Mister Nice – The DJ that is so succulent, sweet, lovely and nice, we just had to have him back!

Roger Wilko – banging beats to keep up the heat. Summer just ain’t stopping!  

Room 2

Hosted by Purple
a charitable creative collective, encouraging positive raving through high energy parties. Have fun and do good.

Jimi Needles (Fingerlicking) – trickster turntablist lets loose those itchy fingers and gets behind the Purple decks. Expect a myriad of funky bass anthems to old skool bars.  
Dan de’Lion – jungle cat loves a pop remix and rowdy bass. 
Mulligan B – top selections from the Breaks BossmanMully B. 
Autom – Cool AF, Autom, brings the House sounds to the club. 
Disco Duzmoore – Disco Duz wonders Pon these decks.  
Skank Spinatra – Imagine Frank Sinatra had a sexual affair with a bass bin …this is their illegitimate child.
Harries – funky 4×4 beats with subs shaking off the stage, Harries brings the melodic Techno to every party. 

Room 3 – Beats & Bass Ballroom

Brand new programming! Expect a dance-floor full of harder beats and better bass all night long as we revolutionise Rumpus’ musical programming.

JFB – Famously described by Fatboy Slim as ’the thinking man’s Grandmaster Flash’. Crowned UK DMC Champion three times, his dextrous digits caress the turntables at a speed that, quite frankly, sets us fantasising

Heleness – tripping from blistering, punchy breakbeats, tribally techno, hypnotic tech house, sleazily grinding electro, to more mellow deep house and tropical Afro and Balearic beats.

The Pomba Girls -* Guest DJ LoRIOca * (Aka Boss Pomba) sizzling, sassy, rhythms from Global Bass, House & Brazilian Electro

Caz Coronel – All of the beats all of that good badness to take you dancing through to daytime

Room 4 – Balkan Roast Room

The Captain’s Beard – pirate folk minstrels combining the unashamed lunacy of the Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band with the earnest precision of Steel Eye Span.
Skeleton Crew  a mind melting melange of the very best of Buffos Wake and some other guys (send us some info, please!?) 
The Tidy Street Striders – New Orleans style Dixieland jazz. What we lack in technicality, we make up for in spirit and nice suits
Faith I Branco  High energy and joyous, passionate and boisterous! Dance and twirl the small hours away.
Balkan Roast Sound System – Complex beats with an exotic and syrupy body. Does well as a light roast and dark roast. 

Room 5 – The Courtyard

Bill the Alchemist and his DJ Crew, 
Will be laying down some tunes for you. 
Dance for joy and sing along 
Their years of experience won’t steer you wrong. 
Bouncing and banging and beautiful beats 
Joy for your ears and your eyes and your feets 

Room 6 – Wonderland Cafe

If your tootsies get sore and you’re breathing is blown,  
Come to the Wonderland, no need to moan.   
Calm down for a moment, allow them to care.   
Rest and resuscitate, pull up a chair.   
These creatures will sooth you, revive and restore,  
There’s tea and there’s cake and lots and lots more.   
All is for charity, these guys are so nice, so take some time out with them is our advice. 

Room 7 – CineRave

VJ Harper weaving majik and myth through music and light into a rave to charm even Cerberus into dancing all night. 

Room 8 – ToiletRave

Search and you will find the loudest, bounciest, filthiest fun-times dancing! No signposts, this is a treasure to seek out!

This Way To The TICKETS!