Rumpus: Victoriana vs Future-ama

We present to you the past and the future! History and imagination in tense dance-offs! Flaunt your flounces and furbiloes. Show off your steampunk, spandex and silver paint, vintage vantage, and fantasy future.

Dance till you drop with driving dirty DJs, chill out with the Wonderland Creatures in their cozy cafe or whirl with the wastrel minstrels bugling their music into the cavorting cortexes of skipping Creatures.

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Dress Code:
Scintillating space-cadets, Ornamental Oliver Twists, Steampunk Swashbucklers, Future-furnished Funksters, Bootilicious Bustled Beauties, Heavenly helmeted Harlots, Tailcoated Tennysons, Space-Age Spandex Sweeties, Ticktock Thackerys, Brazen Baudy Bombardiers, Dickens Dandies, Corsetted Conan-Doyles, Gorgeous Galactic Gin-slingers, Marvellous Mechnical Mannequins.

Main Room

Curated by Cool Beans

Mad Apple Circus
A ferociously original blend of horn-fuelled styles from big bad Bristol! Ska, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Latin and more are all mashed together to amaze, engage and energise.

Bikini Beach Band
The London kings of surf-noir, lounge and rock & roll. This is the shizzle. Prepare to be dazzled.

The Cool Beans Roadshow
Ambitious Rumpus debutantes flaunting a limbo pole, an aerobics workout and the most extreme game of pass the parcel you’ve ever witnessed.


Jimmy The Gent
Unseen Bean
Eric Drywall
DJ Stotenator

Room 2

Because we don’t want to blow your minds all at once, watch this space for who’s in Room 2!

Room 3 – Beats & Bass Ballroom

The multi-colour, multi-genre DJ will take you to Thundera and back.  

Jamie Moon
Sharpest dressed DJ with beats to please and tease.

Annie O
The curly-haired energy bundle that is Annie O will be coming over from Berlin to be back with the Rumpus Fam.  Serving up bassy tech house with a pinch of souly vocals!

Room 4 – Balkan Roast Room

DJ Wedding Fight
‘More raucous fun than a punch up at a Balkan wedding’ a blend of gyp-hop and anthemic balkan misc, and probably more than a little Taylor Swift.

De Fuego
sensational, inspirational flamboyant flamenco guitars to set you stamping.

Freeborn Brothers
insane gypsy dancing and endless energy with creazy theatre and weird circus performance par excellence!

Jorges Hot Club
smokin’ hot gypsy jazz!

Kamao Trio
Soothe your soul and get your toes tapping with this magical menagerie of manouche musicians.

Room 5 – The Courtyard

DJ The Alchemist
A Rumpus Regular, brings his decades of experience and Top DJ team to fill the funkiest indoor outside space with tunes to get your toes tapping.

Get yourself a Pomba Girls Makeover at their Transformation Station; browse accessories to make you glitter with glee from the Urban Unicorns; discover the delight that is Dress-up corner.

Room 6 – Wonderland Cafe

Those gifted and giving charitable Creatures from Wonderland will be creating a corner of rest and recuperation with teas and cakes and sumptuous comfort up on the first floor

Room 7 – CineRave

VJ Harper
beaming banging tunes right into your cerebral cortex via the medium of light!