Rumpus: Santa vs Panda

Rumpus vol 22 - 007

Tickets on sale at 12:00pm on Thursday 19th November from here.

Since the dawn of times Rumpus has played host to some of the greatest battles imaginable. Pirates faced the might of Ninjas (and won); Pirates faced the flamboyant might of Panto (and lost); Panto faced the terrifying might of Monsters, and on and on, throughout the aeons, the battles have continued.

This Christmas, Rumpus invites you to choose a monochromatic side and stand firm against your chosen foe: will you join the cheery, bearded, slightly creepy legions of Santae, armed with nothing but goodwill, suspiciously wrapped parcels and candy canes? Or will you choose to fight for the so-cute-its-terrifyingly-creepy Pandae, backed by an utter lack of interest in your own self-preservation and more bamboo than you could possibly ever chew on? For the past year we’ve seen the likes of the Panda Defence League and Britain’s Not For Pandas clash and clash again – now is the time for a victor to emerge.

Joining the Black & White v Red & White onslaught are mighty giants of the musical battlefield: the epic John Langan Band, the outstanding Shambolique, and we welcome back Buffo’s Wake, who’ll be hosting and curating a room of their own.

For a year they’ve tried to keep the Panda down. Will you help end this battle once and for all?

Tickets on sale at 12:00pm on Thursday 19th November from here.

Dress code suggestions

Santas, Pandas, Santa’s Wives, Panda’s Strife, Monochromatic Hues, Cheeses of Nazareth, the Bamboo Taboo – Too Lazy to Breed!! – Panda Thumbs, Reindeer Bums, Fairytale of Shaanxi, Elves, Bells, Zookeeper Shelves, – Pandas! – Santas! – Santi vs Panda!! … Herbivores & Fireplace Sores, to Sleigh or Not to Slay?



(More acts to be Announced)

Main Room

Paradise Moist – Will the great mystery ever unravel?  Who is this mystery DJ?
Shambolique – Super high energy super thrash funk dance quartet!
The Langan Band – The boys are back! This unhinged 3-piece takes all traditionally acoustic and delivers with pure punk abandonment sure to set you dancing like a professional ostrich.

Room 2 –  Fiesta Bombarda

This Liverpuddlian collective whip up a festive storm for you creatures of Rumpus in room full of unforgettable dance fuelled wonder.

Buddha – Buddha brings a heavy mix of interstellar funk & soul for a cosmic dance experience.
Eat Your Greens – The 8-year old beast brings you an eclectic and high-tempo mash up the heaviest in Dub, Reggae, Ragga, Dancehall, Jungle & Dubstep.
Fiesta Bombarda Soundsystem – Reggae, afrobeat, jungle, brass & carnival sounds from the Fiesta Bombarda sound system.
Dr Hyde – Ghettofunk, breaks and much more from Liverpool’s mixing master.

Room 3 -Dr Strangeloves Panda Fertility Clinic Buffo’s Wake 

An experimental fertility lab brought to you byBuffo’s Wake, desperately seeking to re-populate the world with pandas… by any means necessary.

 Jabul Gorba – Fast, furious and unstoppable, these lads inject lethal doses of French Gypsy punk rock straight into your veins.
Buffo’s WakeChaotic Gypsy Carnival Punks, with influences from Abba to Zappa, Buffo’s Wake are guaranteed to leave you dancing like a man possessed!
DJ Wedding Fight – The resident Buffo’s Wake DJ will be mixing and more Raucous fun than a punch up at a Balkan wedding!
Shambolic Sideshow Circus – The Brighton based circus collective will descend upon Rumpus to captivate and discombobulate.
Buffo’s Wake DJ’s Metal Graveyard – Prepare yourselves for this semi-ironic nostalgic rock playlist a sure way to keep sleep at bay come 5am.
Sacha Dieu – Decade spanning career spinning Balkan and world beats on a global scale!
Fexomat (Ringe Raja / NSF)


Room 4 – The Travelling Tavern

Full line up to be announced.

As ever featuring the Rumpus Art Exhibition curated by skilled sirens Harlot Von Charlotte and Lozzy Bones.

Room 5 – The Courtyard

What wizardry awaits to be woven by DJ The Alchemist and his merry turntablists amongst the chugging trains cobblestones.

Room 6 – The Wonderland Cafe

Prepare to have your stockings stuffed with love and your tummies over-brimming with tea, cake and even more love by the delightful Wonderland crew.

Room 7 – The Rumpus CineRave

VJ Harper is back, melding the snow storm and the jungle thrusting you into musical, visual madness!