Rumpus Vol 28: Monopoly

Tickets on sale at 12:00pm on Thursday 15th October from here.

Get set, get game and check out the Vol. 28: Monopoly! playlist on Soundcloud.

On Friday the 13th, Rumpus invites you back to the Metal works to throw some dice and take a ride in the board game that is life!  Even though you lose some of the pieces, you’re pretty sure your friend is cheating & you fear that the onslaught of seat–gripping gambles may quite possibly, actually, maybe make your head implode! – you gotta…

Go to Jail! Ride a train! Put ALL your hotels in Marylebone! Be the thimble you ALWAYS WANTED TO BE! Yes, the money looks more and more like confetti, and the dice has managed to roll over the table & under the carpet but the night is young, the game has just begun, we’re all playing together, and golly it’s gonna be full throttle fun!

We’ve invited the glorious London Leisure Pirates to turn Islington Metal Works into a giant boardgame – there’s little chance of winning against them, but who knows, you might just survive the night!

Tickets on sale at 12:00pm on Thursday 15th October from here.

Dress code suggestions

Thimbles & dirigibles, Kings of Clubs & Queens of Hearts, Gentle Bankers, Mowgli Moguls, Charades and Spades, the Miniature and Mighty, Squares, Die, Gaolers and Jailbaits, Trivial Pursuers, Risk Makers and Takers, Bouncing Battleships, Scrabble Rabble, Operators and Surgical Splayers, Moustached Merry-makers!

Rumpus - Fallen Empires - 127


(More acts to be Announced)

Main Room

Paradise Moist – The mystery continues! Who is this resident DJ?
Mad Apple Circus – Rabble rousers delivering nothing but the good stuff with an infectious mix of ska/ hip-hop & jazz.
Jon Bongly – Experience taste and musical adventure personified bringing you feel good beats remixed retro style!

Room 2 – Tremor Soundsystem

This Bristol based crew bring all the banging beats taking over the second floor to bounce you into the morning with Drum & Bass, Jungle, Breaks, Ghetto Funk and Glitch Hop, all hosted by marvellous miscreants Trafic MC & Twitchee!
Howla – They say the best things come in small packages, & in this case its true! Revving up the night with a BANG!
The Phunk Junkies – Does a Bear Twist in the woods? Who cares because when these two hit the decks you’ll be sent on an unstoppable journey from breaks through disco and into the realms of Jungle.
X-Ray Ted – The sleaziest party music around. An infectious blend of Ghettofunk, hip-hop, funk, scratching and drum and bass.
D.I.B – Oi oi it’s those absolute bad-men Twitchee and Trafic MC with DJ Alexi! Intelligent! Exciting! but maybe don’t let them meet your mother, unless she likes that kinda thing!
Offbeat – Fusing Hip Hop vocals with Electro Swing inspired beats, he is quickly carving a niche for himself and gaining recognition from fans of both genres.
Mr Trout – This aquatic themed master of glitch serves the squelchiest bass around!
Matt Ma G – Hidden gems and fresh beasts, anything from garage, breaks and swing.
Rippleton –  Rippleton is as versatile and funky as they come and can play anything from swing to glitch.

Room 3

Rum Buffalo – Surreal swing with heavy hip hop beats from the most regal of renegades. “PROG SWING HOP”
Counting Coins – Get ready to skank, pogo, mosh, jig, polka and maybe even waltz – like a hyperactive kid on Kia-Ora
Fred Balakayou
– Journeying through the intensely colourful, telling stories with tunes. All hail the master of the dance floor!
Jake Pike – The funkiest Westcountry DJ in town serving you up all the groovy bass to make your booty shake!

Room 4 – The Travelling Tavern

Our troupe of rowdy and ready troubadours travel through the checks for a night of old skool music, played by old skool cats on old skool instruments.  It’s all wood, steel & attitude

Sarah Olivier – Bombastic baudelairienne blends rock ‘n’ roll, rockabilly and pure raunch and shakes it all out with irresistible Parisian panache.
Swingtime for Hitler – Jonny Holliday’s jazzification machine swallows up everything from reggae, calypso, RnB, to Dixie and smashes it out as rock and roll swing.
And a take over till dawn from The London Eastern Turbo Folk Collective, featuring:
Dila V. and the Oddbeats – Multinational hip shimmying gypsy folk and roots from far away lands.
Gipsydelica – Three of the capital’s musical legends – Mister Morski, Fred Stitz and Tansay Omar – in a power trio of Balkan psychedelic ethno rock.

Also featuring the Rumpus Art Exhibition, curated by the one and only wonders that are Harlot Von Charlotte and Lozzy Bones.

Room 5 – The Courtyard

Music all night set to have you cavorting about the cobblestones by DJ The Alchemist, alongside some truly death defying feats brought to you by none other than Deadbeat Cirqus, awe-inspiring contorted burlesque by Bitter & Twisted Circus and a solo-silks performance by the resplendent Hazel Lam.

Room 6 – The Wonderland Cafe

Our dear and delightful friends from Wonderland are back to fill your face with tea and cake, and fill your yearning hearts with gooey, gorgeous love.

Room 7 – The Rumpus CineRave

The world’s only Cinema with signed, sealed and forclosed full on rave action, courtesy of the VJ & DJ skills of the one and only VJ Harper!