Rumpus Vol 26: Science v Magic

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Wizards and Astrophysicists, Trolls and Technicians: Rumpus is turning 5!  Did we get here in a sparking, bubbling cauldron or a sudden puff of pixie dust? Did we emerge as an amoeba scaling a dinosaurs back? All this and more will reveal itself as we come together to explore the fundamental mysteries of the Universe!

In our 5 years of piratical partying we’ve climbed the rigging of German deep sea trawlers, transported you astounding Creatures to England’s enchanted forests and brought enchanted forests to you creatures.  Now we’re returning to the winding maze of the Metal Works, filling it with of weirdness and wonder to bouncingly battle out the age old conundrum that has had philosophers floundering, has tricked trigonometrists, and has kept Wiccans wondering: Science or Magic?

For our final gathering of the season we fill 7 rooms with madness and mischievous merriment. Our main room is being invaded by our most friendly of foes, the Cool Beans Crew,  Prepare to be slapped happy by Happy Slap Boutique as they take over the middle floor once again to lower the tone, raise the rockets and levitate the roof.  All outstanding communication needs will be sorted and thwarted, pigeon-mailed and teleported by the superb interactive spectacle, the absurdist Burnt Post collective.

Our ever-evolving line up lies below – each week new acts over-brim and whizz their way from our test tubes and wizard wands to you, so stay tuned! Happy Birthday to (Rump)US!

Line Up (New Acts Added Every Week)


  Room 1 – Cool Beans Take Over
The Cool Beans Crew are descending upon Rumpus to unleash their infamous mix of music and in your face comedy.

K.O.G & The Zongo Brigade10 piece world music outfit fronted by the supremely talented KOG!
The Stiff JointsKidderminster based ska army with bags of energy and top tunes.
Popes Of ChillitownPunk/Dub/Ska from the big smoke!
Cool Beans DJs – Arnivore & Andy H – Pure and adulterated party music with special guest DJ Andy H!

Room 2 Happy Slap Boutique presents The Shaman Shop
Hidden down a small, quiet back street is a mysterious little doorway.  Shaman Loco will beckon you in, show you his wares and invite you to partake in a little human sacrifice to the party gods.  Just watch out that you don’t become the blood-soaked entertainment.

Live performances by Happy Slap Boutique
Music by
Ocelus – The maddest musical mash ups
Jenova Collective – Relentlessly smothering swing n bass all over the dancefloor
Tom ExcellThe ultimate Renaissance man: composer, DJ and straw bale enthusiast.
Extra SpectrumPumping out a vast range sub heavy crunch and high energy musical infusions.

Room 3 – Behold the Power of Science!
Johnny Kowalski & The Sexy Weirdos – Like taking a mains wired blender to the last fifty years of rock and roll music history and daring it to dangle its dangly bits in.
Colin Samurai – Brass fronted carnival jazz for your face!
The Roustabouts –  devilish dandies with a penchant for the decadent and diasporic, spinning sounds from bygone eras and exotic lands
DJ Jamie MoonLondon’s sharpest-dressed DJ plays the sharpest tunes

Room 4 –
The Travelling Tavern

Whiskey Moon FaceAn opium-smoked stumble through alehouse belters and whispered ditties, sea shanties, lunar blues and astro-jazz.
Mojo HandLow down and dirty Delta blues with a splash of jazz and a country twang.
JouisPsyche-folk laced through with lucid flutterings of jazz and prog-rock perambulations.
The Rumpus Art Collective Exhibition and Live Art Battle

Room 5 – The Courtyard
All paths cross in the Courtyard, the tribal living room at the beating heart of Rumpus.  Gather to wander the market stalls, marvel at the death-defying circus and dance to the beats of DJ The Alchemist and his disciples.
Stumble into the Gypsy Caravan for some musical fortune telling by Sophie Stott
Be astounded by the puppetry of Henry Maynard
Apply for a license, lodge a formal complaint or write yourself a letter in the outstanding interactive madness that is Burnt Post

Room 6 –
The Rumpus Cinerave
Using dark powers of magic, VJ Harpertransforms a cinema – complete with red velvet seats – into a full-blown rave explosion!

Room 7 – The Wonderland Cafe
Falling down a rabbit hole into an upside down world might be pretty special, but it isn’t anywhere near as magical as the Wonderland Café.  Come in, sit down, and loose yourself in teas, cakes and fabulous nonsense.