Rumpus Vol 25: Wenches & Wrenches


Rosie the Riveter and Rob the Wrencher are putting on their finest threads, picking up their tools and inviting you to Rumpus for 7 rooms bursting with an explosion of live bands, DJs, circus and performers for a celebration of every time you’ve put on a dress, picked up a tankard of mead, and fluttered your eyelashes at someone (don’t pretend you haven’t) and every time you’ve taken something apart trying to fix it, and ended up with a pile of left over bits!

The undisputed kings of the festival scene, Slamboree Soundsystem are taking over the main stage to unleash a tidal wave of beats and beats. Our friends The Old Saw Mill Garden Party crew will be marching down from the cold north to run one of their trademark immersive and interactive dancefloors.

Read on for a full line up – but be warned, we keep adding new acts to this already impossibly full line up every week!

See you on the dancefloor!


Dress Code Suggestions:


Monkey wrenches & guerrilla wenches; syrens and sirens; wenches, wrenches, winches and benches; bustles& hustles; bustlers & hustlers; hot rods & drag racing queens; under the hood & over the bonnet; toying bois and their buoyant toys; mechanical maidens & malleable mechanics; axes & axles; lug nut-lasses & petticoated pistons; diesel damsels; mains & dames; gasoline gals; buxom bossuns.


Line Up

(New Acts Added Every Week!)


Room 1


Slamboree Soundsystem – The undisputed queens & kings of the UK festival scene take over our stage to pour bass into your face!

Top Shelf Band – Errant princelings from the Vaudeville Otherworld entirely re-inventing the old style & spawning a genre coined as Indy-Vaudeville

Filthy Spectacula – A creepy twisted gypsy, ska, punk, dark cabaret extravaganza of shanty pirate drunken stupidity

DJ KobayashiThe brains and the beauty behind Gypsy Hill brings out some bid bad ass beats just for you

Paradise Moist – Our infamous resident DJ continues to shroud himself in a mystical allure.  We’re not even sure if we know who he is.

Room 2

Welcome To The Carny Carwash

hosted by Old Saw Mill Garden Party

When the Old Saw Mill Garden Party crew descend upon London from the North, you can guarantee two things: outstanding music and an immersive, interactive dancefloor like you’ve never experienced.

 Mini Da Minx – With a deep passion for bassline, here’s a girl who is not scared to mix it up with all kinds of funky beats!

Ska Lextric – Electro Ska beat clown freak!

Brother Bear – Holds the enviable record of playing the only fully naked DJ set at Rumpus.

DJM – Scratch DJ extraodinaire, playing everything from Diana Ross to Drum n Bass, and it works!

Neash Vibration HiFi – Our funky fresh floor master!

Spanglegrinders – These girls love powertools.

Groucho the Clown – Eats lightbulbs and hammers things into his face – probably not suitable for your nephwe’s birthday party

Elvis Herod – The worlds number 1 chubby golfer pinup!

Room 3

Ushti Baba – Beatbox-powered acoustic folk, heavy on the morris-dance moshing and the Roma reggae.

Sambattalion – A multitude of drums will thunder down upon you!

DJ Cous CousPurveyor of exotic and rare sounds from across the globe.

A Thousand Eyes – Taking over the stage with betas and booty!

DJ Souper J B2B Grandmaster Faff – The most epic 90’s cheese B2B DJ battle you’ve ever witnessed, unfolding before your very eyes and ears!

Room 4 – The Travelling Tavern

Felix Holt and The Radicals – Rhythm and blues, jittery jive and good old fashioned rock ‘n’ roll

Djanan Turan – Trippy Turkish funk folk with a wink of swing

The Hoffman Trio – Explosive jazz-hop and deliciously funky trip-swing from the alter-ego of the legendary lads of Pat Dam Smyth

The Walk of Terror
Bombastic 60s glitz, noir and blues from The Drowned Man (Punchdrunk) house band
Featuring the Rumpus Art Collective!

Room 5 – The Courtyard

All paths converge in the Courtyard, a space filled with all manner of Creatures and Wanderers, live circus performances, market stalls food and the finely curated sounds of DJ The Alchemist and his disciples.

Cloudy – Serving up some fresh lyrics to you when and where you least expect it.

Performer and DJ Line Up to be Announced

 Room 6 – The Rumpus Cinerave

If you’ve never seen a room full of people attentively watching VJ projections explode into a full on rave, then you’ve simply never seen VJ Harper at work

Room 7 – The Wonderland Café

They ran a room bursting with magic and music at Rumpus Vol 24, and their back to care for weary partiers with cake, tea and general silliness.  We love the Wonderland crew.

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