Rumpus Vol 24: Fools & Fauns

Tickets on sale 12:00pm on Monday 2nd March 


It might not feel like it, but Spring is in the air.  Somewhere a cute little lamb is bleating, and somewhere else a rabbit is preparing to lay chocolate eggs. Here at Rumpus HQ, however, we’re busy preparing for the 24th instalment of your favourite party with our next over-the-top, non-stop, tip-top, animalistic, carnivalistic, explosion of magic, mystery, music and mayhem!

Join us as we celebrate the whimsical, the silly and the downright foolish, alongside the mythical, the sylvan and the satyrical.  Joining us are Bomba Titinka, who are flying over from Italy, alongside Hallouminati, whom we’re very excited to welcome back to Rumpus!

The wonderful folks from Wonderland will be running the middle floor room, so expect mush disco, funk and mash ups.  We’ve got 7 rooms filled to bursting with music, performance and DJs, so get your feet ready for all of the dancing!

 Tickets on sale 12:00pm on Monday 2nd March

img_1771_webRoom 1

Bomba Titinka –Stepping off a plane from Italy to drown you in their mix of rock n roll, electonrica, swing and dub!
Hallouminati – Mixing the gritty realms of skankin’ ragga punk with traditional Greek rembetiko vibes, they’re throwin’ deranged beats for a unforgettable live show.
Brother Bear – And lo, from out of the cold northern wastes did a DJ appear, armed with naught but the dirtiest bass and the swingiest tunes.
Fred Balkayou – Eastern European, Swing, Arabic, Dub & Oriental influences sliced and diced  with the cutting edge sounds of modern beats of all persuasions. Paradise Moist – Our resident DJ continues to shroud his identity with mystery.  Who is the man behind the tunes?

Room 2 – Wonderland

Our dear friends from Wonderland will be opening up a magical world filled with the most foolish fauns and the faunish fools for you to get lost in!
Line Up To Be Announced

Room 3

Key Lime Pi – Ska, ska and more ska, with a very heavy dressing of funk. Wear your dancing shoes.
Tell Tale Tusk – Melting your ears and your hearts with a raggle taggle bunch of klezmer riffs and feisty three part harmonies
Penny Metal Boldly playing the tunes no one else dares to!
Rumpsteppers – Mashing up and bashing up the bass and the Balkan with the heaviest beats
Olly Nice Ghettoswingraggaglitch, just like you ordered.

Room 4 – The Travelling Tavern

Swingtime for Hitler – Jonny Holliday’s jazzification machine swallows up reggae, calypso, RnB, Dixie and everything in between, and smashes it out as rock and roll swing, accompanied by boot bouncing bass.
Flying Ibex – Brazilian beats spliced with African riffs via the galactic wanderings of Coltrane era jazz, these four lads know how to serve up an eclectic feast of wayward groove to fill any dancefloor and melt all your bones.
Dom and the Ikos – Irresistible New Orleans funk and blues led by London’s finest ivory tinkler.
Dila V. & The Odd Beats – Multinational hip shimmying gypsy folk and roots from far away lands.

Featuring The Rumpus Art Exhibition, curated by Harlot Von Charlotte and Lozzy Bones

Room 5 – The Courtyard

Gather in the courtyard to meet and mingle with your fellow Rumplings!
Musical Line Up To Be Announced
Circus and Walkabout Line Up To Be Announced

Room 6 – The Rumpus Cinerave

VJ Harper will lead you deep into the woods – get ready for the world’s only cinema which transforms into a full blown, climb-on-the-furniture rave!

Room 7 – The Wonderland Cafe

When they aren’t busy serving beats in Room 2, they’ll serve you tea and cake with a side serving of lovely chat!