Rumpus Vol. 22: Big v Small

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Tickets Released 12pm Weds 5th November.

The Infinite versus the Infinitesimal.  The Micro versus the Macro. The Gargantuan versus the Ant.

Join Rumpus as we set forth on yet another exploration of the greatest arguments in history: what is mightiest? The mahoosive, city-stomping power of Godzilla, or the adorably suffocating might of a million Mogwais?

Joining us are the kind of over the top, non stop, tip top acts and crews that Rumpus has become famous for.  We open our arms and welcome back Happy Slap Boutique and their trademark mix of big beats and even bigger interactive dancefloor theatre.  The John Langan Band grace our main stage for a dictionary definition of “epic”, and the Honeyfeet collective are coming down from the North to bring their music to us!

We’ve also got a rather special line up of acts, including the return of Sexor – most famous for his carrot-launching unicorn act, and Mad Allan, who’ll be attempting a Christmas world record like you’ve never witnessed before!

PLEASE NOTE: Any rumours of Pandas at this event are entirely fictitious.  There will be no Pandas whatsoever at Rumpus.

Line Up


Room 1

The John Langan Band –Epic, Epic and more Epic.
Michael Fraser – Live electroswing from an international violin virtuoso
Drusus Germanicus – tropical bass, swinging beats and funky harmonies
DJ Pony – Steering you off-road for an exotic journey through music
Paradise Moist – Who is our mysterious resident DJ?

Room 2 –Happy Slap Boutique

Prepare yourselves creatures for Happy Slap Boutiques Big Bad Santa’s Grotty Little Grotto! Otherwise known as St P’rick, Santa hosts a room of debauched Christmas activities and performances to the bouncy DJ sounds of OcelusMikey JWolfie Razzmatazz and the Jenova Collective.The scantily clad sideshow reindeers bathe in special brew as the Happy Slap dancing elves challenge you to show them your best moves. See if you can spot the human Christmas tree or even the famous abominable snowman!
You better watch out, you better bloody cry cause Santi Claws is coming to Rumpus!

Room 3 – The Silk Road Revue – Hosted by Buffo’s Wake

A carnival of debauchery, demons and devilish destruction. Jugglers and acrobats mingle with pirates and seafolk, whilst roaming troubadours venture forth from the wild East to serenade you with sonic delights. Immerse yourself in this cultural crossroads and take a step into the Silk Road Revue.

Wedding Fight – more raucous fun than a punch up at a Balkan wedding.

The Jackratts  Banjo wielding buccaneers from the south coast, mashing up sea shanty folk with punk style.
Gypsy Disco – A eurphoric party featuring fire-breathers and belly dancers, circus performers and interactive theatre.
 Buffo’s Wake – Gypsy punk lunatics
Tantz – A dash of power klezmer, a smack of dub, a liberal sprinkle of hiphop and a side serving of Balkan beats!
The Chicken Brothers –  Bass heavy swing, blues and funk remixes, turntablism and infectious energy.


Room 4 – The Travelling Tavern

The Travelling Tavern and Rumpus are exceedingly proud to welcome back some of the finest musicians who have ever played at Rumpus!

Honeyfeet – Manchester’s finest Ethio-trad, folk-hop band.
Walk – Leave electric blues firmly in past, and join us in the glory of sequencer blues!
Ma Polaine’s Great Decline – The 1940’s jazz of Billie, the blues grit of the Wolf, and the genre sidestepping of Waits.

Room 5 – The Courtyard

DJ the Alchemist and his band of musical masters host a room of perpetual sonic delight.


ZusThe most captivating contact juggler we’ve ever seen
John Hoof – We’re not introducing him any more.  You all love him already.
TangledanceSyrens of movement and magic
Sexor – he’s back, and he might bring carrots with him.  Watch out.
Mad Allan – A record breaking Christmas-themed act like you wouldn’t believe.  Stand back.

Room 6 – The Wonderland Café

Tiny cakes.  Enormous teas.  And the trademark awesomeness of the Wonderland Crew.

Room 7 – The Rumpus Cinerave

VJ Harper’s still working on this one: the Sounds & Sights will either be so big you’ll need a telescope, or so small you’ll need a microscope.  Either way, the rave is on!