Rumpus Vol 21: Day of the Undead Creatures

Tickets on sale at 12pm on Wednesday 10th September.

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Rumpus strides forth into it’s fifth year of bringing you the very best people, the very music, and the very best times! To celebrate our continuing mission of running London’s best party, we’re offering up a celebration to every creature that has come before us – a moment to honour not only our ancestors and the dead, but also those Creatures that decided not to stay quite so dead!

Joining us for this out-of-the-grave spectacular are some of the finest  acts and crews to have ever seen the light white and decided to head back home.  We are very very proud to welcome the Old Saw Mill Parties crew, who have been labouring away in their Sheffield hideout, building an interactive theatrical set for their Raveyard room!

Musically, we’ve got giants in out midsts: the unstoppable beats of the London Afrobeat Collective will be unleashed;  Tantz are crossing the country to grace our stage, the mighty Kitten and The Hip are coming down, and we’re pants-wettingly excited about Mariachi El Pinche Gringo!

Rumpus is back.  And only a silver bullet through the brain can stop it.

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Room 1 – The Main Room

London Afrobeat Collective – You’ll need armour to withstand the full sonic force of these guys!
Kitten & The Hip – Quality Music for Quality People.
DJ Annie-O – Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s everyone’s favourite international powerhouse DJ!
DJ Kobayashi  – Some call him the brains behind Gypsy Hill, others call him the beauty.

Room 2 – The Raveyard

Wander through our abandoned cathedral, and offer up your musical prayers to the spirits of those who have come before!  Hosted by the Old Saw Mill  Garden Parties crew, and with live acts by the Sparklegrinders.

WheresNorth? [Live set] – It’s all about the Sax, Drums and rock n roll….oh yeah, and the DJ!
DJM – He’s rumoured to be able to mix TEN TIMES faster than DJ Yoda
Ska Lextric – Electoska – this is what we’ve been waiting for!
Brother Bear – Insane bass fuelled mix of vintage influenced Glitch, Electro and Jungle music to bounce your noggin to
Neash – Mashing up mashup ups into a quantum meta mash up situation.

Room 3

Mariachi El Pinche Gringo – These lads might not be Mexican, but they’re definitely for realz.
intO the mOOn – One of our all time favourite bands.  Period.
DJ Olly Nice – Turning the electroswing up to 11.
DJAysus – All praise be to DJAysus!


Room 4 – The Travelling Tavern

Our troupe of trouble-making troubadours travel south of the border for a night of old skool music, played by old skool people, on old skool instruments.  Nothing electronic, it’s all wood, steel and attitude here.

Full line up to be announced.

Featuring the Rumpus Art Exhibtion, curated by the breathtaking Harlot Von Charlotte 

Room 5 – The Courtyard

Music all night by the Godfather of Music, DJ The Alchemist, and his band of musical merry men.

Mariana Harlotta – International Diva Extraordinaire
Sophie Stott – the tarot cards do not lie.  Well, maybe they tell little porkies once in a while, but you’re definitely going to meet a tall dark stranger of indeterminate gender.
John Hoof – Recent scientific studies have shown that it is impossible not to love this man.

Room 6 – The Wonderland Café

Our dear friends from Wonderland are back to fill your face with cake and tea and fill your heart with gooey love.

Room 7 – The Rumpus Cinerave

The world’s only Cinema with guaranteed, certified full-on rave action, courtesy of the VJ and DJ skills of the one and only, VJ Harper!

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