Rumpus: Sword Swallowers & Cult Followers

Over half the tickets were snapped up in the first day of sales, so grab yours double quick! 

Get the party started with our Sword Swallowing playlist!


Roll up! Roll up! Sideshow savants, snake oil sellers, doom yellers, mysterious & mischievous magic carpet vendors!

Let us join in carny convivial cohort, be probed by aliens of salvation, drink ALL the Cool Aid!  We’re beaming up to abduct your senses and massacre the melancholy as Rumpus returns with its February instalment of tip-top, non-stop, animalistic amusement.

The return to Rumpus brings us back to the Islington Metalworks with 7 rooms bursting to the brim with live bands, DJs playing everything from turbo gypsy to Drum’n’Bass, art exhibitions, immersive theatre and walkabout performers, a very special jazz room, and its own kazoo orchestra!

We’ve got bands coming from around Europe to whisk you into a frenzy with the likes of Batiar Gang, Gypsies of Bohemia and Tantz coming to play up a storm! The Wonderland crew is back transforming the second room into a lustrous, magical den, and London Leisure Pirates will be joining us once again bombarding creatures big and small with their particularly marvellous machinations.

Shamans soar & snake charmers allure so don your ritual robes, wink that third eye and bounce away the barbarous night!

TickeOver half the tickets were snapped up in the first day of sales, so grab yours double quick! 

Dress Code Suggestions

Familial Fanatics, Bearded Ladies, Cool-Aid Cavaliers, Savage Snakes & their Chomping Charmers, Children of the Good Gawd Alrighty! Flirty Fish, Elephant Men, Doomsayer Savants and Doomsday Devotees, Anarchist Aliens, Aeronauts, Gnomes, Globes and Probes, Lion Tamers and New Age Ravers.



(More acts to be Announced)

Main Room

Bob B WrongThe beauty and the brains behind the phenomenon known only as BOINK.

Crinkle Cuts – Electrifying eccentricity giving you a good blasting of tantric funk, ska, latin waves and all the good vibes.

Batiar Gang – Flying in from Ukraine these radical punk-folk bring the finest of Balkan Klezmer to transcend the skies, tear open those musical taste buds and manoeuvre the masses!

Offbeat Terrorist – Mazeltov, mis amigos! Prepare yourselves for a total global mash-up! …We’re looking forward to the Kumbian Bass!

Oli Nice – This Rumpus favourite is oh so Nice! It’s all in the name.


Room 2 – Wonderland

Wonderland is back to take over the second room giving toadstool nibblers, inquisitive caterpillars and even Alice a run for her other worldly witching. The party is mad…and all for a good cause!

Imo Loves Dick – Imo LOVES Dick are Wonderland’s Queen of Hearts and Dormouse, tickling you with all manner of old skool Hip Hop, RnB, bass music and funk. Get ready to bump, bump, bump….

Duzmoore Smooshing up breaks, funkyness and 90s classics

King Mixalot – Big bassy beats and mixed-up mashups from Wonderland’s King Of Hearts

Miss White Rabbit – The White Rabbit bringing you bashment and dancehall rhythms to make you get down and dirty!

J. Ravens – A solid mix of electro, house, future and classic dance vibes. Banging tunes for a banging dancefloor!

Fat Sam –  Coming at us with a mix of electro swing, glitchyness and silly classics – a grand slam from Fat Sam!

Sl*tDrop – Wonderland’s Newbie Sl*tDrop treating you to the best old skool and UK Garage. Get ready for a lot of twosteppin’ and twerkin!

W.E.D.G.E – Wildly entertaining, dangerous, ginger and exciting.

SlyFox House. House. Tech House. Grandmaster Flash. House. Sly Fox will be serving up some bangin’ house.


Room 3

 Gypsies of Bohemia – These jazz manouche non-purists will bring you all your modern pop favourites…just like you never heard them before.

TantzThese six hotshots bring all the filthy klezmer beats to get you stomping ‘til it nearly does you in.

Skaramoosh – our old time friend Penny Metal joins hands with El Gadzé to brings you something very special!

Jamie Moon – In honour of the greatest cult there has ever been the legendary Jamie Moon brings you a set by the artist formerly & forever known as Prince.


Room 4 – London Leisure Pirates

This ragged, rugged band of miscreants descend upon the shores of Rumpus once again, this time plundering the fourth room with all sorts of marvellous mayhem.

More details to dock in the not so distant future.


Room 5 – The Courtyard

The Alchemist and his delectable disciples descend upon Rumpus, laying down the most magical of melodies to see you soaring through the night accompanied by the most fearsome of freakshows.


Room 6 – Wonderland Café

If a dance floor full of this wonderful crew wasn’t enough prepare for the all the cosy splendour of our favourite festive café.


Room 7 – Rumpus CineRave

VJ Harper returns to send you on a sensory excursion up the stairs…and beyond!