Rumpus: Summer Bash

Tickets released at 12:00pm on Thursday 12th May

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We are just an eentsy, teentsy tiny bit excited about summertime! We’re sure you are too! And to celebrate this most glorious of seasons and our ickle bit of ecstatic sentiment we have decided to throw a teeny weeny Summer Bash!  As fields and festivals lure many away we beg the question ‘Why shouldn’t those left behind have a chance to play?’ Well we’re gonna!

Prior to the main event we’ll be teaming up with our long time partners in good time crime Hotcakes for a summer boat party (headlined and curated by the Burning Man legend Simon Shackleton, AKA Elite Force, to get you bouncing. There’ll be a full Rumpus takeover twist on the upper deck, featuring Brother Bear and Mike Freear.

Once we have pirated and pillaged enough upon the high seas we shall parade our merry way to Brixton Jamm.

Here you’ll find two rooms set to bursting in typical Rumpus style with some of the best bands and DJs – including A SkillzElite ForceTankus the Henge,  The Filthy Spectacular! – DJs and walkabout performers to keep you kicking till the wee hours in the southernmost heart of our fair city.


Tickets released at 12:00pm on Thursday 12th May

Whet your party whistle with the Vol. 33 playlist


Rumpus Room

2013-06-07-Rumpus Vol. 16-WM--78

Tankus the Henge Tankus renowned for warming the hearts of all who cross them this six piece powerhouse of a band bring to life before you the magic of old time Fairgrounds, modern day Circus cascading down a sound that is at once uplifting and wild, dark and heartfelt.

Prinz Friedrich – Europe’s only coherent response to the likes of Tom Waits & other Economic disasters. Forged on the Underground scenes of Britain & Europe, these dudes have seen and done some weird shit already. Please call the Federal Republic of Germany on +49 30 22732152 for song requests.

The Filthy Spectacular – Join these unique as f**k twisted gypsy punks adrift upon the seas of stupidity bringing you revved up pirate shanties, ska, punk, dark cabaret, southern gothic, musichall and did we mention a wee bit of drunkness?

Brother BearStraight from the Old Saw Mill Garden Party, this is the cuddliest DJ with the fiercest beats!

Hot Cakes Room

Rumpus vol 19 Frontiers -216

Hot Cakes and Rumpus have been throwing parties together since before there was a Hot Cakes and before there was a Rumpus. When we need Bass, we go to the folks who have it in bin-fulls.

A SkillzDropping broken beats like they’re clear cut diamonds this man has got ALL the Skillz!

Elite ForceLet the force go Ka-Boom! If anyone was going to deliver a marvellous mash-up of techno, electro & breaks it would be this illustrious music man!

JurassikRumpus loves Jurassik! Before we believed in Rumpus, he believed in us.   Serving up breaks like no one else can, we can’t wait for him to get behind the decks again!

Final Conflict Takes you on a sonic journey through underground dance music with an impeccably natural flair.

Charlie Chuckles – Foot stomping, hip shaking and wild arm waving are just the starters when this man lays down a musical feast.