Rumpus: Shipwrecked


Help us help you.  
We always want to share the best possible party with you.

Important venue information

1 – Please do bring valid photo ID.  No photocopies or scans on phones.
This is a requirement for  entry laid down by the council, and neither we nor the venue are able to sidestep this.

2 – The doors of The Coronet will open at 9pm! This time we are putting on 25% more party.

Come early and party longer, louder and harder. The earlier you come the more party you will have. The art of the party is at the start. Please be aware: if everyone turns up at the same time, there will be three hour queues.

3 – Please arrive before 2am.  Latecomers will not be admitted.
The venue has a strict no entry policy after 2am.  This is not something that we can negotiate.

4 – On the door, less is more: if you don’t need it, don’t bring it.  You and your bags will be searched at the door.  The less you have the quicker you’ll get in.  This is an unavoidable process required by the venue to comply with the terms of their licence.

Thank you for your part in making this the greatest Rumpus that there ever has been!

Santi & Team Rumpus

Tickets and full information here

Rumpus: Shipwrecked – a party so humungously huge that the universe will have to expand to fit it all in, and we’ve had to add two whole extra hours to the line up – BECAUSE ONLY MORE IS MORE!!!

More than 2000 Creatures.

More than 200 performers.

Ten hours of Rumpus.

Eleven Rooms of Music, Mayhem and Magic.

One final night to say goodbye to The Coronet.

Tickets and full information

Dress code suggestions

Naughty nauticals, Raunchy wreckers, Magical Mariners, Salacious seamen, Lords and ladies of the Flies, Gender-neutral Fridays, Scuttled Cuttlefish, Tawdry Treasure-hunters, Cute Castaways, Beached Badasses, Stranded Syrens, Floundered Foundlings, Abandoned Airmen, Marooned Manatees, Merry Merchants


(Many, Many, Many, Many, more acts to be announced)

Main Arena

Desmond O’Connor – Your host, the undisputed king of cabaret, a fallen angel with a ukelele, Lucifer himself descended from the lighting rig.

Chainska Brassika – A mischievous London rabble, armed with ska-spitting horns

Chivaree Circus – From the heights of the heavens this Circus troupe will touch the depths of your soul

Mariachi El Pinche Gringo – Nothing – and we mean NOTHING – we’ve ever seen on a stage has made us as happy as these lads. Playing a special, one off comissioned cover to celebrate this historic moment.

Sambattalion -Here to heat your heart and your feet with thunderous samba.

RUMPSTEPPERS – Esteemed maestros of the decks, these gentlemen spin tunes from a vast array of styles and eras, all mixed deftly and astonishingly adorned with a maelstrom of vocal gymnastics. Never was a dance floor so dastardly delectable.

DJ Jamie Moon – the sharpest dressed DJ with decks to delight

DJ JAMESPB (Swing2ska) Serving up a sunshine cocktail of soul, ska and hidden treasures.

Crusoe’s Capsized Corricle

Dila V and the Odd Beats – Bosphorous-straddling hip-shaking.

The Balkanoes – joyously energetic Balkan bash at it’s very best

DJ Hiphoppapotamus –  Happy hippo always brings the sunshine no matter what the weather.

DJ Sergio Falomir – foot-tapping, thigh-slapping, skirt-twirling pant-swinging electro-latino beats

The Rumpus Kazoo Orchestra – For you, by you.


Dutty Wobblers & Broken Barnacles

Mood Swings are a feral crew of northern trouble making sea farers sailing down from Leeds to reap havoc for us here at Rumpus. Shipwrecked with nothing but bad ass beats and anything they can salvage to survive their newfound island life. You can be sure to expect an equal dose of madness, excitement and bewilderment.


Key_Lo –  Joining the dots between Breakbeat, Electro Swing, Techno and House music, this dude is just as at home doing a warm up slot as the peak time.
Addiktz –  For want of a better pun, this is a Wise Dub selector! Covering all aspects of Jamaica’s electronic Reggae variations, he’s just what you need to warm your cockles as autumn sets in.
Catjam – With an ethos of “if its good, we’ll sample it”, these guys have been busy fusing together an infectious blend of modern dance floor grooves with vintage Swing samples. Playing all over the UK at many of the UK’s finest festivals, these guys are not to be missed!
Smiley Maxx -You certainly don’t have to be religious to respect the Amen, as this smiley pirate will prove as he takes you on a rumble through his Jungle.
Extra Spectrum – Expect the unexpected. A fast paced mash up of styles from funky glitched out mid tempo breakbeats, to wobbly bass driven 4/4 garage, jungle and breaks. The only consistency here will be the cheeky grin on your face.
Jenova Collective –  Rapidly carving a name for themselves as seriously bad ass (Electro) Swingers, this duo will be rising out a selection of seriously dutty bass laiden tuneage.
Barnacle Party – Frenzied finish with the Mood Swings Mash-up

Happy Slap Boutique’s Treasure Trove

Welcome aboard the Good Ship Happy Slap

A deck full of dancing DJs will be floating your feet on a fast-paced and fantastical journey mixing with mesmerising mermaids and frolic with tropical fishes.

Dive into the immersive and astonishing world of Happy Slap Boutique’s theatrical circus.

Come play our games and get wet with Captain Buttplug’s watersports.

Marvel at the midnight puppet show spectacular.


Raver Stu – has beats for you!

Panthro – The multi-colour, multi-genre DJ will take you to Thundera and back.

Helium – Get your lighters in the air! Helium will be bringing grimy UKG and Bassline flavours to the party!

Danny Wav – one man party starter, wobbly bass, scratchy shenanigans, full on overloader of happy times.

Ocelus – genre defying, gravity defying, sanity defying!

Balkan Roast

The Bohemianauts – Gypsy vaudeville, bastard cabaret, and songs of unrequited dread

Don Kipper Quartet – treat your feet to a fantastically frantic journey of European folk.

Gator Dog Snappers – a bespoke trio of these happy dancing jazzers

De Fuego – sensational, inspirational flamboyant flamenco guitars to set you stamping.

Vault of Victuals and Tempting Treats

Tickle your tastebuds and assuage your appetite with fine fare from far off lands while resting yer weary paws!
(Details to be announced)

Wonderland’s Cove of Colourful Capers

Long time Rumpus Regulars bring you a dancefloor of the friendliest, funkiest dancing.

Tumnus vs Tenacious T

Catnip and Dr Reamix

Grandmaster Faff

DJ Stevie Wondershades

King of Hearts

Dan Delion

Fat Sam

Sneaky Rafiki


The Rumpus Megaplex

Climb to the Gods, settle into a plush red velvet seat, and immerse yourself in Silly Idea’s Factory‘s latest silly idea unfolding on an enormous cinema screen.

Time-warp Room

Let’s do the Time Warp Rumpus stylee: Nick T and Dee Bee are going back to back in this musical odyssey through time. One song from each year beginning with music from before your grandparents were born.

Bert’s Broom Cupboard

Fifty years ago the Good Ship Rumpus hit an iceberg and went down with all hands.  Sealed in the boiler-room were Bert, the school caretaker and his Missus, on board on a Golden Wedding Anniversary Cruise.  In true stiff-upper-lipped style they braved the disaster and kept the party going.

Step aboard for a strictly no-techno, old school, vinyl-powered party. Keep fit and have fun dusting with Housewife Aerobics! How many times will Bonnie come up in Power Ballad Bingo? Dance to Tiger Feet as Bert goes Glam Rock! Fight for your Right to Party with the Mother-Dustin’ Missus in da House(coat) – Ice, Ice, Icebergs BABY!

 Smugglers Alley

A sheltered, smokey cove where Creatures of wonder wander to amaze, astound and amuse.
LINE UP TO BE ANNOUNCEDTickets and Full information