Rumpus: Rock Paper Scissors

The Good Ship Rumpus is sadly in dry dock for the time being.

Any refund enquires for our Rock, Paper Scissors event should
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We will see you soon, dearest Creatures!

Creatures! Yes, you’ve heard of Rock Paper Scissors, the ultimate trial by combat to settle any dispute – but you’ve never seen Rumpus do it!

Pick your tribe – are you Rock Clan? Paper Scribe? Scissor-master? and prepare to unleash your elemental powers in an interactive game in which there can be only one winner!* 
Join us in the ultimate dance floor show-down as Rumpus unleashes Rock, Paper Scissors across 7 rooms of music, magic mayhem and chaos!  
Are you a wanna-be (w)rapper; budding rock (star); or queen of the cutting (remark)?  

Come witness the riotous Buffo’s Wake running our top floor with Mustard Brass Band, DJ Wedding Fight, DJ Illexxandra and Personal Space Invaders plus decor from the Fresh Lenins. Gasp at the delight of Wonderland taking over the whole of the first floor with Elrobo, Sneaky Rafiki, Said Poppy, King of Hearts and Bass Ventura as well as their eponymous cafe of loveliness. Dance yourself silly in the Balkan Roast Room to Jazz CannibalsCabarats and Marmalade then dance harder, darker and faster in the Bass & Beats Ballroom with the Chicken Brothers and Caz Coronel.  
We have all the DJs and VJs and bands and artists and silly games and secret surprises galore that make Rumpus the best indoor Festival in town! With seven rooms over three floors full to the brim with music, magic, mystery and mayhem, Rumpus will release your ultimate warrior and whet your competitive taste-buds.  
*not strictly true. There can be loads of winners. 

Dress code:
Rugged The Rocks, Blazing Blades, Amazing A4s, Scintillating Stones, Prancing Papers, Sashaying Slicers, Comedic Chris Rocks,  Papery Panted Pretties, Superlative Scissor Sisters, Crazed Crimpers, Pulchritudinous Pebbles, Blustering Bam Bams, Omnipotent Origami Originals .

Main Room

Hosted by Buffo’s Wake and the Fresh Lenins
Fresh Lenins make, support and promote art, music and any form of self-expression. There’s nothing too eccentric or outlandish for them to be involved in.

The Mustard Brass Band – New Orleans style jazz, dance away your troubles like it’s Fat Tuesday every day! 

Buffo’s Wake – a twelve-legged beast, armed with accordions, violins and a bucketful of gusto!


Wedding Fight – Rumpus Regular and Buffos Wake cohort thrill to  Balkan, Gypsy and World music with more than a passing, ironic nod to hip hop, pop culture and even Grime.

Personal Space Invaders –  dancing up a storm with raucous D’n’B mashups, remixes and bootlegs of all kinds. Music that you know, but as you’ve never heard it before creating general uproar on the dancefloor.

DJ illexxandra – bringing bangers to launch your evening with boundless bouncing energy mixed for you from the worlds of global bass, soundsystem culture, future sounds, funk, and classic club styles. 

Room 2

Hosted by Wonderland

Elrobo – groove to an eclectic mix from disco classics to bouncy electro and acid techno, and everything in between.

Said Poppy – welcomed back to the Wonderland decks, keeping it chunky and funky!   

Sneaky Rafiki – Wonderland Resident and garage and bassline DJ from south London is also the founder of The Ladies Who Lunge, an all female DJ crew

The King Of Hearts – spinning up tunes from his mixed up bag of mashups oldies and bassy boomers. 

Bass Ventura –  told Mensa to do one when they asked his secret to mixing. If you wanna know, you’ll just have to come see for yourself. Disco, bassline, drum & bass and everything in between from this wizard behind the booth. 

Stevie Wondershades – Expect the unexpected as this mysterious character makes his return to Rumpus, bringing his euphoric beats to your ears.

Wonderland Allstars – Seeing you through to the end of the night, the Wonderland Family will be throwing everything they’ve got into the mix to keep your feet moving and the energy levels turned up to MAX until 6am!

Room 3 – Harder, Longer, Faster

Brand new programming! Expect a dance-floor full of harder beats and better bass all night long as we revolutionise Rumpus’ musical programming.

The Chicken Brothers – Join the feathered brethren as they rip through bass and beats on a four hour trip of audiovisual treats for your ears, eyes, and feets!  
Fun&Bass: Episode IV – A New Dope Mixtape 

Katalyst –  adding the catalytic spark to the bubbling pot of pent up energy that is drum and bass, with explosive results! 

Caz Coronel – All of the beats all of that good badness to take you dancing through to daytime

Room 4 – Balkan Roast Room

Cabarats – Toe-tapping, head bobbing, irresistibly energising, come dance to a seamless mix of reggae folk and Balkan ska

Whiskey Moon Face – Treat yourself to some surreal, original, old time tunes. 

The Jazz Cannibals – Get your groove on with these eclectic jazzers, unique, elegant, joyous and wacky! 

Marmalade –  bounce and skank to some heavy positive vibes of a Raggea Funk and Dub flavour 

DJ: Mr Sandman – dance into dreamland with a sprinkling of magical tunes 

Room 5 – The Courtyard

Hosted by Rumpus Regular DJ The Alchemist in the funkiest indoor outside space.  Tunes to groove, rave and bounce to sweet music from a tube train carriage DJ booth in a gender equal line-up. Find the formidable face painting and discover the delight that is dress up corner.

Room 6 – Wonderland Cafe

Not satisfied with taking over Room 2 and getting you dancing till you drop – those gifted and giving charitable Creatures from Wonderland will be creating a corner of rest and recuperation with teas and cakes and calming conversations up on the first floor

Room 7 – CineRave

VJ Harper – beaming banging tunes straight into your cerebral cortex via the medium of light and sound.