Rumpus: Robots and Rowboats

☆★☆Rumpus: Robots & Rowboats☆★☆

Row, row, row your boats, as Rumpus rolls not so gently down the stream! Yeah Buoy! Whether you’re a voracious Rumpus regular or a bemused and eager newcomer, you’ll be loving our return to the hallowed halls of the Islington Metalworks.

Who cares if it’s been 16 months since you bellowed sea shanties at 3 in the morning? We don’t!
Who cares if you’re not quite sure if you still remember how to dance? We don’t!
Rumpus is back with a mega byte this October to reprogram you into the party creature you’ve always truly been!

After their Rumpus debut as another band’s rider request, The Balkanoes are back in the Main Room with their joyous energy to guarantee a Balkan bash of mammoth proportions.

Rumpus favourites, Wonderland return not only to provide you Creatures with hot drinks and scrummy cakes but to take over the entire middle floor. Expect marvellous, mad, maverick partying for Partnerships in The Gambia, the charity that Wonderland supports.
Sink, swim, hack and browse your way through seven rooms over three floors packed to the brim with DJs, VJs, bands, artists and performers. Come dance away the lockdown and start the party season with all the vivacity and verve that only Rumpus can truly deliver.
★☆Dress Code Suggestions★☆Dress to Krill! Knots knots knots & knots, Android Lloyd Webber. Arrr 2 sea 2. Barnacle Bill vs Bootstrap Bill Turner. The bossun’s bussom. Bivalve visibility. Darth Sailor. Crustaceans & cetaceans. Metal Gear Liquid. Naughty nautilus. Ship Shape Scally Wags. Beached Badasses & Stranded Syrens. Reefers. Shut Yer Clam!!! Fender’s Bender’s. Gears & Pulleys. Octopi Rumpi and of course… Mermaids, but the *other* way round
★★ Line up ★★
★Room 1 – Main Room★
BalkanoesA high octane fusion of Eastern European and Jewish music resulting in a relentless explosion of joyous energy!!! A Balkan bash of mammoth proportions – guaranteed!
Bikini Beach BandThe London kings of surf-noir, lounge and rock & roll. 11/10 guaranteed to make you feel like you’re on a Hawaian beach.
Jamie Moon Here comes the sass… dirty beats, booty treats and lunar tunes from Jamie Moon!
Roger Wilko Multi genre mash ups riddled with B-sides, Bootlegs and Basslines.
Clan Dextine Clan Dextine takes his audience on a journey through bass and time namely from swing to ska, blues to balkan, roots to rave and beyond.
★ Room 2 – Wonderland Takeover ★
Elrobo Subtle Radio and UPdnb resident Elrobo will get you moving with an eclectic mix across bouncy electro, big breaky beats and acid techno.
Said Poppy Catch Said Poppy playing all things DnB. Expect vocals, brass and bass.
Sneaky RafikiThis Wonderland Resident and garage and bassline DJ from south London is also the founder of The Ladies Who Lunge, an all female DJ crew
★ Pixi ★ Wonderland resident DJ Pixi: Funky beats to make you groove!
The King of Hearts The King Of Hearts from Wonderland spins some tunes from his mixed up bag of mashups oldies and bassy boomers.
★ Bass Ventura ★ Disco, bassline, drum & bass and everything in between from this wizard behind the booth. Bass Ventura told Mensa to do one when they asked his secret to mixing. If you wanna know, you’ll just have to come see for yourself.
★ Wonderland Allstars ★ Seeing you through to the end of the night, the Wonderland Family will be throwing everything they’ve got into the mix to keep your feet moving and the energy levels turned up to MAX!
★ Room 3 – Beats & Bassline Ballroom ★
Mini Da MinxElectro/ House/ Breakbeat DJ with a deep passion for a bass line, here’s a girl who is not scared to mix it up with all kinds of funky sh*t!
RCKT Explosive DJ who brings an unbelievable amount of high energy and powerful expression to his perform More energy than all the Duracell bunnies combined
NeoPink Twisted bastard bass music for tortured Neodroids
Caz CoronelAll of the beats all of that good badness to take you dancing through to daytime
★ Room 4 – Balkan Roast Room ★
Buffo’s Wake: Skeleton Crew Instrumental klezmer-punk and knees up Balkan-folk by a small group of veteran Rumpusers, Buffo’s Wake.
Gator Dogs Brass Band Bringing Mardi Gras Beats to London Streets
DJ Mr Sandman Forget about what’s trendy.. Enter dreamland as Mr Sandman sprinkles magical tunes into your ears
Tiger Moth The world’s finest purveyors of ‘wiki-core’, Tiger Moth play a wild mix of Gypsy folk punk, ranging from Balkan to Middle Eastern, Latin, and swing, often at dizzying speeds.
9 Dead Mice Virtuosic violin-led Celtic and English folk trio
★ Room 5 – Courtyard ★
Our resident master of music, DJ theAlchemist brings his merry band of cohorts to our cheerily chilled inside outside space. Featuring: DJ theAlchemist, Graham Eden of Edensounds infamy and
★Room 6 – The Wonderland Cafe★
Raising money for Partnerships in The Gambia, the wonderful Wonderland lot bring you tea, cakes and the coziest place to sit down.
★ Room 7 – Cinerave ★
VJ Harper Visuals ★ brings you visuals and RnB beats to get you grinding