Rumpus: Rainbows & Rayguns!

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See you on the dancefloor!
Team Rumpus

Summer is rushing towards us with its promise of festivals and fun.

This is your last opportunity before the summer season to meet and mingle with the music magic, mayhem and mystery that belongs to the Creature chaos that is Rumpus!

Start the celebrations and springboard into the silly season with Rumpus’ 8th birthday party Rainbows & Rayguns.  Strap on your hologram holsters and embrace the pigment of figment!  Fetch out your finery and launch it to another level of loveliness!

Rumpus is *the* indoor festival: eight rooms of wonder and bumptiousness, live bands, DJs, and amazing artists all packed into eight magical hours.

For our full line up of 8 rooms and for tickets, please be clicking here.

(By the way, did you know Rumpus does Mumpus?  That’s free Mum Tickets! Yup, a free ticket for your Mum!  If you want to show your Mum* what it is you do on a Friday night, she can get in for free!)
*Dads count too.

Dress code:
Spatial Spacepeople, Rainbow Warriors, Prismatic Pistoleros, Flintlock Fantasies, Dappled Duellists, Polychromatic Peashooters, Multicoloured Magnums, Bubblegum Blue Bazookas, Psychadelic Uzis.

Main Room

Hosted by Movimientos

Mango Rescue Team – An exuberant 11-piece “Tropical Carnival Extravaganza” leaping from Calypso to funky Merengue, Afrobeat and Cumbia with flourishes of Samba, Rock n Roll &Rrumba.

Camo Clave – Electro-tropical vibes mixing traditional Latin-American rhythms like Cumbia and Salsa with modern beats, electronics and processors to create an exciting and energetic twenty-first century tropical riot.


Chicha Morada – Latin-Afro with sunshine vibes!

Mango Disco – Sounds from Planet Earth (and beyond) – connecting communities through global rhythms! Expect high energy tropical and mad global beats.

Cal Jader – Red hot ‘classico’ latin beats, uptempo carnival rhythms, tropical bass, and fresh global sounds.

Selecta Madmax – Taking influence from Dancehall, D’n’B, Dub, Latin beats & Future Bass with the aim of blending it all into tropical dance floor bangers

Room 2

Hosted by Happy Slaps Boutique
Back with a bang those unique and unquantifiable artists of both beats and beauty.
(Full line-up coming soon!)

Room 3 – Harder, Longer, Faster

Brand new programming! Expect a dance-floor full of harder beats and better bass all night long as we revolutionise Rumpus’ musical programming.

JFB – Famously described by Fatboy Slim as ’the thinking man’s Grandmaster Flash’. Crowned UK DMC Champion three times, his dextrous digits caress the turntables at a speed that, quite frankly, sets us fantasising

Pomba Girls – Come Together. Transform. Unleash! Getting the party started with style and attitude

Jamie Moon – Sharpest dressed DJ with beats to please and tease.

Room 4 – Balkan Roast Room

Alice Phelps – Crunchy vocal harmonies, elaborate clarinet solos and a loose and grooving rhythm section.

The Great Malarkey – a riotous mix of musical styles and genres delivered in a “multicultural train of fast beats and trembling slams of punk-folk spirit”.

Room 5 – The Courtyard

Once again the busiest indoor outside space will be peopled with artists, face-painters and circus spectacularists!  All overseen by the kindly eye of the legendary DJ The Alchemist and his talented crew.

Room 6 – Wonderland Cafe

Those rainbow children and charitable chai peddlars will once again be providing comfort and succour in the form of tea and cake.

Room 7 – CineRave

VJ Harper weaving the best beats with the most vibrant visuals!

Room 8 – ToiletRave

Search and you will find the loudest, bounciest, filthiest fun-times dancing! No signposts, this is a treasure to seek out!