Rumpus presents: Captains vs Bandits!


Tickets on sale 12.00 October 26th

Our last event at Metalworks sold out in 5 days!
Don’t miss out!


Swaggering Creatures!
Buckle on your bandoleers and gather your hordes of hairy outlaws; or marshal the troops, trim your sails, summon the Home Guard or park your star ship: the madcap tournament that is Rumpus is here.

Tickets and info

Dashing Captains and outrageous Bandits, for one night, across seven rooms and 8 hectic hours Rumpus aims to energise, intrigue and tantalise.  So don your best dress uniform, shrug on your Sou’wester, polish your pistols and mask up!  Ride into the world where DJs deliver drop-dead divine beats, acrobats perform fantastic feats and feints of Circus and roving artists roam.

Whether you’re a Hero of the Handle-bar with military bearing or a Patron of the Pancho Villa and a devilish desperado, you will cease your squabbles, and forget your feuds distracted by the wonders that are Rumpus; circus, live bands, DJs, art and performances that you’ve grown to love from Europe’s top indoor festival experience.

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Tickets and full line-up

Dress code suggestions:

Captains Courageous and Cowardly, Kinky Kirk-alikes, Blackhearted Bandidos, Parade-ground Pompadours, Laser-gun Lotharios, Beat-busting Bandoliers, Juggling Janeways, Scintillating seafarers, Rabid Robber Raccoons, Hedonistic Home Guards, Punked up Pistoleros, Beat-busting Blackbeards, Lucious Hussars, Magical Masked Marauders, Zeitgeist Zorros. Synergistic Sky-Captains

(More Acts to follow week by week)

Main room 

Shamus O’Blivion – you’ll be toe-tapping, whirling and gyrating to this frenzied high energy celtic mayhem.

El Mariachi Pinche Gringo – Dance, stomp, and sing with these marvellous, musical mariachi songsters.

DJ Jamie Moon – get ready to shake and boogie!

DJ Loki – you will dance till you drop, then you’ll get up and dance some more!

Charlie Stirzakerwhirling you on into the night, lifting and lightening.

Room 2

Wonderland is back to take over the second room, step into their alternative universe of special, leave your pistols at the door, hang up your ceremonial sabre, holster your laser-gun and open your minds. Happy, uplifting vibes all night long, wonderland style!  Plus glitter, games, gifts and giggles!

Fat Sam – Coming at us with a mix of electro swing, glitchyness and silly classics – a grand slam from Fat Sam!

King Of Hearts – Big bassy beats and mixed-up mashups from Wonderland’s King Of Hearts

Sly Fox: – All of that fine ass, booty shaking house music

Queen of Hearts – Wonderland’s Queen of Hearts, tickling you with all manner of old skool Hip Hop, RnB, bass music and funk. Get ready to bump, bump, bump…

Room 3

Buffo’s Wake – Rumpus veterans and resident party-starters Buffo’s Wake will be on hand to get you jumping, dancing, and sweating before leaving you satisfied and a bit guilty.

Spin Te Ku – Come partake of the perma-tour of these wild and eccentric Spanish troubadours

Gypsy Disco – Delight to the thrills of this travelling troupe of circus freaks, burlesque beauties and high flying acrobats.

DJ BiNGe – Be carried along by this set of relentless party bangers from Bangers n mash and Dutty Moonshine

DJ Wedding Fight – Party through to the early hours with eclectic excitement from Buffo’s Wake’s resident DJs

Room 4 –  The Travelling Tavern
With the
Rumpus pArty Collective

Kick off your spurs, put down your pistols, uncummer your bund, power down your phasers  and relax to a selection of talented and stimulating bands.

Mojo Hand – Get your horn on with these deeply down and dirty blues hounds

The Yuya – stimulate your roots with the resplendent Constance Dalrymple, all the energy you need for dancing the night away.

The Maskaradin’ Troubadours – Tantalise your earbuds with a corking Calypso flavour of the 40s and 50s and an electrified sunshine sound of New Orleans and Carnivalistic grooves.

Garance and the MitochondriesWhirl around the dancefloor of the universe in all it’s beauty, chaos and irresistible absurdity with this unparalleled accordionista and her band.

Room 5 The Courtyard

DJ Alchemist with Graham Edensounds, Rosebud Lix and James Pb will be sending you whirling over the cobbles to an eclectic mix of beats

Room 6 – The Wonderland Café
If a dance floor of this wonderful crew isn’t enough, please prepare yourself for the pure delight, tea and cake all dished out by these wonderful, charitable Wonderland creatures!

Room 7 Rumpus Cine-Rave

VJ Harper is  waiting to ambush your senses with mad visuals and fresh beats