Rumpus: Plasticine vs Pleistocene!

You’ve been asking for this for SEVEN years!


The art of the party is in the start!

New Years’ Eve Eve is the New New Year’s Eve!

Tickets and full information here!

For the first time in this fair capital of ours, you can start off the count down to New Year’s Eve with the magic, music, mystery and mayhem that is Rumpus!

Dip into the Dark Ages and the bizarre beasts of the Pleistocene or mould your model future for the year to come.

But never forget that this is the unofficial celebration of the 70th birthday of one of Rumpus’ longstanding regulars and High Duke of the DJ decks, Mr Bill Vincent aka DJ The Alchemist.  A celebration beyond compere!

Tickets and full information here!

Dress Code Suggestions

Wondrous Woolly Mammoths, Delicate Dire Wolves, Pretty Putty, Salacious Sabre-toothed Tigers, Magically Modelled Manikins, Cute Cave Bears, Play Doh-elicious Divas, Gyrating Glyptodons, Curvaceous Claymation,


Main Room

Gypsy Hill –  intoxicating balls out Balkan with beats and feats to lift you up on a carnival tsunami.
Barbarella’s Bang Bang – wave hello to happiness as you’re whirled away by these fast and frenzied maestros.
Paradise Moist – get your feet jumping, your heart pumping and your grind bumping.
Troz Minster – funky flavours and rinsing riddims for bodypoppers and big grinners
Roger Wilko – banging beats to keep up the heat to dawn and beyond!

Room 2

Swing & Bass
Where Bowler Hats meet Bass-Bins and Lindy-Hop meets Booty-Pop.

WBBL – serving you up some booty shaking naughty wobblers & basslines
Tuxedo Junction – Dutty Bass has never looked so classy.
Tropigwana – Infused beats with a Tropical Bass twist – get the reefers and martinis out and dance!
Fizzy Gillespie – Tear up the dance floor in a Vintage Soundclash style!
Dan de’Lion – Bounce from the tree tops and swing from the vines with this rowdy feral jungle cat!
The Bard – Narrating your gyrating!
Ekim – your feet will be tapping to boom bappin’ bass and delectable scratch gold.
Ali Baba – Reality warping Mystical Genie man, Ali Baba says “Open Sesame” immerse yourself in a catacomb of phat bass Vintage sounds

Room 3

Tantz – you’d best be wearing both belt and braces as these meshugeners whirl onto the stage
Discount Orchestra – feet-twistingly visceral mania
Penny Metal – boldly playing music no-one else dares!
Len Hovis – devilish and delectable banging beats from this slack of all trades and master of fun!
NeoPink: NeoDroid – A performance DJ experience with live Djembe drumming over a pulsating African rhythm infused electronic dancescape. There may be DROiDs


The funkiest place in time and space will be wormhole-ing it’s way into being in the here and now, straight from 1979 – where the duttiest of disco divas bump hips with famous artists and the real world instantly melts out of view. Escape into the embrace of a soulful sista, and slide into the most soothing of grooves. You never have to wake up if you just keep dancing.

Paul Hanford (of Hoxton Radio)
Andy Warhol (of The Factory)
My Mate Luke (of London’s Cheeky Soundsystem)

Bring your latest artwork and Warhol might just turn you into a new art superstar.

Salvador Dali will, of course, be offering surrealist portraits to our raffish revellers whilst the miasmic maelstrom whirls around him.

The Courtyard

The funkiest inside outside space featuring DJ The Alchemist and playmates.  Music to keep you bouncing all night and into the day.  But most importantly, this is the unofficial birthday of our very own Bill Vincent aka DJ The Alchemist.  A legend in his own life-time and one of the most dilettante dinosaur DJs of the oh so modern age.

Room 6 – Wonderland Cafe

Let these magical whimsical Wonderland Creatures treat you with kindness, tea and cake.  An oasis of Creature comfort in the whirlwind of Rumpus mayhem

Room 7 – Rumpus CineRave

Get your freak on with VJ Harper and her synaptic snapping visuals.

Tickets and full information here!