Rumpus: Pixies vs Pixels!

Throw off the shackles of dry January and succumb to the voodoo and hoodoo of the most fantastical February Rumpus! 

Power up your pixellated party pants and get ready for mega mmo mischief as Pixies vs Pixels bursts into the seven rooms of live music, DJs, VJs, performers, walkabout and acrobats that make up the music, magic, mystery and mayhem of Rumpus! 

Elves! Jump off your shelves!  Will you level up to Pro or are you a Noob Nymph seeking Sonic delights.  Go AFK and score a Rumpus Critical Hit on the dancefloor with your wailing Banshee moves.  Mario has donned his glitter pants and Tinkerbell’s fairy dust is liberally sprinkled. Whether you’re an 8 bit Brownie or a carefree Kirby, engage marathon mode and  dance till your stamina bar runs out! Just take a tip from Kratos and never pick a fight with a Sprite! 

Dress code:
Bootilicious Banshees, Marvellous Marios, Foxy Faeries,  Luscious Links, Pert Pixies, Naughty Nymphs, Magnificent Modems, Brash Brownies, Elegant Elves, Zen Zeldas, Sumptuous Samus, Sultry Sprites,  Kinky Keyboards, 

Main Room

Crinkle Cuts – Fresh with a capital PH, blasting tantric funk, smooth reggae and new-wave latin ska woven together with good vibes for an eccentric, exotic and eargasmic live performance

Balkanoes –  a goulash of Balkan brass and fiddle with klezmer flavours to create hot, soulful party music to get you dancing through the night 


Frd Blk (aka Fred Balkayou)  from G-Funk, Vintage Groove, World and Afro Electro Beat and more. FRD BLK will share the desk with his partner in crime Zoo.é akapada as part of their new project “Melted Sound SyStM

Zoo.é akapada – come onboard for a sonic trip thru DnB, Funky vintage tunes and Bass Classics. 

Penny Metal – boldly playing music no-one else dares! 

Room 2

Hosted by the Tropical Tea Party

Hiphoppapotamus  ☆ Indian Man ☆ Waggles ☆ Feline


Blasting out tropical infused dance music, with King of Bongo, Mook, on percussion, in a tropical hideout of vibrant colour, the Tropical Tea Party are landing at Rumpus for the first time, armed with limbo sticks, magical pineapples and a bag of bottomless good vibes!   
The mighty Hiphoppapotamus, of high-energy, sunshine-drenched Jungle, breaks and house, has summoned the famalam: Waggles on the afro/latin/global beats; Indian Man with his bhangra-garage; Feline with his reggae/dubwise/jungle selections and freestyle lyrical firepower; and DJ Manafiesta with Punky free-culture roots, Electro-Latin, Balkan and Afro-Diaspora beats all laid down within the broad church of Global Bass. 
Come find them and…

Room 3 – Harder, Longer, Faster

Brand new programming! Expect a dance-floor full of harder beats and better bass all night long as we revolutionise Rumpus’ musical programming.

Heleness – tripping from blistering, punchy breakbeats, tribally techno, hypnotic tech house, sleazily grinding electro, to more mellow deep house and tropical Afro and Balearic beats.

Caz Coronel – All of the beats all of that good badness to take you dancing through to daytime

Scribes – Block rocking, head nodding, floor filling party hip hop heroes

Room 4 – Studio 53

Calling all delicious candy-floss divas and dervishes to the dance floor of 1970s New York’s most delectable den of juicy grooves and flawless moves. Funkier, fruitier and more fun than those rumours you’ve heard, Studio 53 won’t let you stop until you drop. Featuring the most daring DJs and hosted by the dirtiest darlings – welcome to your new home. 

Naked Jake (The London Disco Society) – International ambassador of London Disco

X-Ray Ted – DJ/Producer of the sleaziest party funk, from Bristol

Tete Bang – Bad bitch of the London party scene, utterly obscene candyfloss dream

LuDec – Festival favourite Lu, brings the boogie to you

My Mate Luke – Of London’s Cheeky Soundsystem

Mango Jackson – Fruity sounds to make your ears taste good

VP Visuals – A feast for your eye holes

Room 5 – The Courtyard

Once again the busiest indoor outside space will be peopled with artists, face-painters and circus spectacularists!  All overseen by the kindly eye of the legendary DJ The Alchemist and his talented crew.

Room 6 – Wonderland Cafe

Those rainbow children and charitable chai peddlars will once again be providing comfort and succour in the form of tea and cake.

Room 7 – CineRave

VJ Harper beaming banging tunes right into your cerebral cortex via the medium of light!