Rumpus: Pick Your Own Misadventure

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Rumpus: Pick Your Own Misadventures is SOLD OUT.

There are not more tickets, and will be no tickets on sale at the door.
It is conceivable that the Door Girls will provide an Official List of Approved Bribes which may allow you to get a ticket at the door, but we can not confirm such rumours at this time.

 Create your own Character

Rumpus grabs you by the hand and leads you into an April Fools like no other: all of the overwhelming spectacle of 7 rooms crammed full of circus, live bands, DJs, art and performances that you’ve grown to love from Europe’s top indoor festival experience – but this time with some added surprises!

Whilst weaving this wayward walk enjoy the delights brought to you by the Cool Beans Collective and Happy Slap Boutique. We’ve got Balkan Roast taking over a room, Tell Tale Tusk making magic on the Main Stage and the Mariachis you can’t Gringo without!

And, as part of the London Games Festival Fringe, SeaSylph Games will be transforming the whole venue into a world of adventures, quests, missions and intrigue: all Creatures will be transmogrified into a Character – perhaps a Unicorn Hunter, a Failed Ex-Factor Star or a Zombie Entrepreneur, amongst a host of others – and be let loose to quest through multiple storylines! Will you fid the Queen Unicorn and pull out her tail? Will you find the Golden Orb of Doom? Will you win the Rumpus ex-Factor show?

As if that weren’t enough, in honour of April Fools we’re opening up a secret mystery room for a very special comedy show from Ellis & Rose featuring Phil Kay and 0ther top stand up comedians – but in order to get, you’re going to have to get past that pesky bouncer…

Tickets on sale at 12:00pm Thursday 25th Feb



(More Acts Announced Weekly – because More is More!)

Main Room

Paradise Moist – Who is he? Who is he? Moisten to this heavenly medley of music!

Mariachi El Pinche GringoA 9-piece pop cover band adding some Mexican flare and much more than one sombrero to the mix. Prepare to have expectations astounded and rediscover the very meaning of joy!

Tell Tale Tusk – This raggle taggle sextet weave fairy tale folk into killer klezmer riffs. Unusual, theatrical, and downright daft get ready for some full throttle fun!

Oli Nice – The DJ that is so succulent, sweet, lovely & nice we just had to have him back!

Room 2 – Happy Slap Boutique

present The Cult of Health & Safety

Featuring a post-apocalyptic set created by The Old Saw Mill Garden Parties

The last survivors of humanity are huddling, sheltered in the ruins of a bombed-out church. They festoon the shredded scraps of their clothes with whatever they can scavenge, relics of a shattered civilisation. Seizing upon a rusted ring-binder pulled from the wreckage, they establish a strange cult to placate the angered gods and return to the Before time.

But what is this sacred text? This guiding memory passed down the ages? This solitary book, this final gift from our old, dying world to a brave new one?

From among the bedraggled masses, a decrepit holy man steps forth. Throwing open the first laminated page, he solemnly recites what can only be the word of God: “Health… and… Safe…ty… Guide… lines”

Full Line up of DJs to be announced


And, for this Rumpus only, in the Mystery Room:

Ellis & Rose’s Crap Comedy Club

The best comedy to ever be performed in a toilet! It’ll send you round the (U)bend. Will you be able to blag your way past the bouncer?


Phil Kay– The godfather of modern surrealist comedy

Perrier Award Winner

Bob Slayer – The foremost instigator of surly, drunken hi-jinks

Malcolm Hardee Award Winner

Ellis and Rose -Anarchic neo-vaudevillian twats

Malcolm Hardee Award Winners & London Cabaret Award Nominees

Room 3 –
Cool Beans Collective

Off the rails tune selection from these rambunctious reprobates hunting down and delivering dance floor fillers and swung out bombs for set after infectiously pumping set!

Cool Beans DJsThe high energy party DJs assured to get you dancing!

Millie MandersUnignorable cross genre punk with more than a side serving of sassy social consciousness.

King Porter Stomp – Ska, funk, dub & afrobeat uniquely unified with cleverly crafted conscious rhymes to tug at your heart strings and win over your dancing feet! 

China Shop BullSka rave drum & bass blasting mayhem in yer face!


Room 4 – Balkan Roast Presents:
Manouche Menagerie – Le Hot Club de Rumpus

Transport yourself to a smoke filled Parisian basement, where smoking hot jazz meets sultry swing, and gypsy guitars and pencil moustaches are the name of the game that you’ll play.

Full Line up of Bands to be announced

Also Featuring :

The Rumpus pARTy Collective

A hit squad of artists so fresh and talented that their pencils are legally classed as weapons. 

Room 5 – The Courtyard

The Alchemist and his wizard posse return to transform the Courtyard with their chilled out beats and bass.

Room 6 – Wonderland Cafe

There is talk of a secret underground resistance. The password is “cake please”. Will you jin the fight to overthrown the People’s Party of Rumpus?

Room 7 – Rumpus Cinerave

VJ Harper bringing about an ascension like no other with her particular concoction of visual, musical madness!