Rumpus: Masquerade & Motley

Rumpus: Masquerade and Motley sold out in a record 6 days.

As a result we have added an extra party to this season’s line up.  Keep your eyes peeled for our July Summer Bash  and our cheeky take over of the Hot Cakes Boat Party

Resplendent Creatures!

Your formal invitation is here.

The Court of Rumpus warmly welcomes Kings, Queens, Gentle Jesters and motley crues to don your masks, paint your smiles, and wander our fair our Kingdom.



For one night, across seven rooms and 8 bewitching hours the Court of Rumpus revels! The Scribes and Annie O have faced highwaymen and high seas to make their way to the Main Room. The Travelling Tavern returns bursting with bands and bards from around the world, with sultry blues & luscious jazz that swings through time.

Djs deliver drop-dead divine beats, acrobats perform fantastic feats and feints of Circus as roving artists roam.

Expect all this and oh-so-much more – for you are in favour of the tip-top, non-stop carousing, cavorting Court of Rumpus!

Tickets and full line-up here.
Our last event sold out ina  record 2 1/2 weeks, so be ready to act quick if you are to avoid potentially life-crushing disappointment.


(More acts to follow week by week!)


Main Room

Perhaps Contraption – The opulent, outrageous twisted brass, art pop band is set to astound with their wit, humour & undeniably delectable horn hounding sound.
Annie O – The Queen of Mashup blazing a blitz of Electro Swing and Nu Disco to get you trotting!
Offbeat Terrorist – the best Cumbia ‘n’ Bass set around!
The Scribes – Rumpus goes hip hop! A blast of brilliance with more energy than could possibly be sensible!


Room 2Hot Cakes presents The Bass Bin

Hot Cakes and Rumpus have been throwing parties together since before there was a Hot Cakes and before there was a Rumpus. When we need Bass, we go to the folks who have it in bin-fulls.
Deekline – When he’s not busy blowing up tunes on Radio 1 or remixing Prodigy tunes, our man Deekline comes to Rumpus. It doesn’t get much bigger than this.
DJ Spookz – the sound of record shops, dirty underground venues and 4am sessions in the studio.
Jurassik – Rumpus loves Jurassik. Before we believed in Rumpus, he believed in us.   Serving up breaks like no one else can, we can’t wait for him to get behind the decks for us again!
Final Conflict – A reputation as a genre defying dance floor smasher forged on the bass heavy battle fields of the UK underground scene
Kurse – Purveyor of slick UK bass & breakbeat music on hyped imprint Saucy Records and other, this Hot Cakes regular is a guaranteed floorfiller.


Room 3 – Buffo’s Wake present Medieval Mustard

The boys are back in town. We tried to go cold turkey, but we were jonesin’ hard for a fix of Buffo all too soon.

La Trocamba Matanusca – Spanish musical gypsies from Valencia to London, via the Balkans. Fiery brass and volcanic percussion!
The Discount Orchestra – High octane south London seven piece, blending gypsy punk and speed-folk into hard rhythms and melodic oddities – guaranteed to get you bouncing!
Haris Pilton DJ – Globe trotting Balkan party starter, original ambassador of Gypsy Dub and the UFOSlavians – from Ljubljana to London for some Rumpus action!
DJ Iva – Goulash Disko crew taking over Rumpus and bringing us into the early hours with eclectic Balkan bangers and tropical gypsy dub!
DJ Wedding Fight –  ‘More raucous fun than a punch up at a Balkan wedding’ – The Buffos Wake resident DJ will be opening and closing the evening with his blend of gyp-hop and anthemic Balkan misc, and probably more than a little Taylor Swift.


Room 4 – The Travelling Tavern

With the Rumpus pArty Collective

Every royal court needs an underground tavern to titillate its people and on that most marvellous note we now decree to much felt glee – The Travelling Tavern is back! Prepare for the usual medley of the most incredible musicians… who happen to play pretty good too.

And for all those who have been missing the marvel that is the Kazoo Orchestra, could this be your night? Does the most affronting of horns draw near? Why have the Kazoos been silenced of late?  What dark secrets are afoot in the Kingdom of Rumpus?

Balothizer – A supergroup of London’s Greek musical heroes featuring members of The Turbans, Electric Litany and Valia Calda playing traditional Cretan tunes with beatnik attitude and bebop virtuosity.
Sling – Arthouse space blues for dancing with your mind, trippy explorative jive hop for your itchy feet.
Gertie and Her Gaiety – With all the roaring razzmatazz of the Twenties and Thirties, Gertie brings you the swing, rag-time, chanson and more of this giddy and gay era.  Toe-tapping, foot-stamping rags and fervent refrains to set your heart a quiver, this band will charm your cotton-socks off!


Room 5 – The Court Yard

Braaaapppp! When the court gets going the going gets ghetto! Come cotch in the yard where the most regal reprobates and the pengest of peasants roam. All called to the Court Yard by The Alchemist who’s got your back – bringing tunes to keep you bopping through the night.


Room 6 – The Wonderland Café

Pure delight, tea and cake all dished out by these wonderful, charitable Wonderland creatures!

Room 7 – Rumpus Cine-Rave

VJ Harper harpooning the Court of Rumpus to the 21st century with mad visuals and fresh beats.