Rumpus: Majorettes & Minarets

 Rumpus 32 - 034


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Tickets on sale at 12:00pm on 24th August.

Our last event at the Metalworks sold out in 6 days. Don’t miss out!

Dearest Musical, Marching and Maculate Creatures

We’re not going to let the end of Summer bring the end of festival silliness: we’re just going to bring it indoors with a celebration of two of our favourite things: marching bands and architectural features.   The fact is, the only thing that makes us happier than synchronised sequins and twirling batons are architraves, minarets, and flying buttresses.

Here at Rumpus HQ we’re dusting off our epaulettes and brushing up on mace drill.  So are you plain Doric, classical Ionic or OTT Corinthian up top? I like big buttresses and I cannot lie, as my brother will testify – a hint in case you were undecided.  Buck up your baton twirling, unpack your drum break out the sequins and prepare for synchronised sparkling.

Tantalise your earbuds with the Soundcloud playlist

 Rumpus 32 - 089

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Dress code suggestions:

Crenellated couples; Dapper Drum Majors; Bad-ass Basilicas; Zig-zag Ziggurats; Synchronised, sequined swingers; Tasty Tall Towers; Decorous Domes; Unique Uniforms; Curvaceous Cupolas; Parading Pariahs; Jewel-Bedecked Bonobos; Marchers with maces; Renaissance Revellers; Gothic Gyrators; Byzantine Batons; Knaves in the nave; Beats in the Belfry; Arch-nemeses.



 (more acts to be announced)

Main Room
Rumba de Bodas – gyrate to an eclectic mix of homegrown salacious swing, Latin vibes and upbeat Ska creating a concatenation of carnival jazziness that will set your shoes stomping.
King Punch – skank, bounce and drive through the night with these energetic purveyors of Ska-Punk.

Room 2
Fiesta Bombarda – bringing the festival into the room.  Carnival-esque caperings and sunshine inspired sounds, trip the light fantastic through fiesta funtimes.
Line up to be announced 

Room 3

Bert’s Pick of the Pops – We asked the custodial staff at Rumpus if anyone could DJ and to our surprise Bert the Caretaker said he and his Missus were mobile DJs in the 70’s. So they’ve dragged his gear out of the attic to play the Pick of the Pops from the 60’s and 70’s. Let’s just hope he forgot to pack the Disco.
King Cassady
– let the hypnotic Latin rhythms and interwoven guitars strum you to dervish dance floor ecstasy
Great Malarkey – whirl, stomp and dance away the night with these hot-blooded folk.
DJ Jamie Moon – Get ready to shake and boogie!
Ms Chameleon and the Caretaker – From ABC to ZZ Top the 80’s was a veritable cornucopia of singing and dancing delights. Ms Chameleon and Bert the Caretaker have joined forces to play you the very best (or worst) tunes of the era on the original scratchy vinyl.

Room 4 – Balkan Roast
Undo your uniform, cast off your crenelations and kick back with musical wizardry. Featuring:

Toytown Hustle – Unleashing a scintillating, cinematic melange that will jolt you to your feet hip hopping to the electro folk beats.

Gyps ‘n’ Progress  –  this twisted trio bring you mad manouche to intoxicate your hips.

The Rin Tins – The darkest folk tales and jiving jazz rhythms driven by pounding oompa beats will have you dancing with wild abandon

The Gator Dog Snappers  –  Thames Delta Blues, from the deep South (Lewisham) by washboard fronted New Orleans Collective will saturate and suffuse your soul.

With the Rumpus pArty Collective

The Forro Family – Join in with this talented troupe workshopping slow and sensual, Brazilian-flavoured partner  dancing.

Room 5 – The Courtyard
Architecture within an architectural device.  Mind-bendingly satisfying.  A thing inside a thing.  And where better to practice formation marching than our very own inside outside space?

Room 6 – The Wonderland Café
The epitome of civilized sophistication.  Tea and cakes with these magical and charitable Wonderland creatures.

Room 7 – Rumpus Cine-Rave
VJ Harper Marching magificently onto the parade ground with mad visuals and fresh beats.

Super-Secret Room – Will you find it?

Rumpus Presents: Ellis and Rose’s Crap Comedy Club
We are effervescent to be able to announce the return of this most exclusive comedy gig.  In a super-secret VIP location, you’ll need to talk your way past the bouncer to be able to partake in toilet humour at its very best. Featuring:

Ellis & Rose – Award-winning anarchic bad boys of mayhem and filth
Phil Kay – Godfather of nonsense comedy with the sharpest mind in the universe
Neil Frost – A man of many faces and a ballbag of gigantic proportions
Victoria Kember – Saucy siren of comedy cabaret kerfuffles
Prinz Frederich – A chunk of vomit hurled through time and space from the Weimar cabaret days

Rumpus 32 - 098