Rumpus: Jingle Belles & Bats Out of Hell!

Step sidewise into the mystical, magical, musical, mulled mayhem that is Rumpus and see the other side of Santa. 

Dress up or dress down.  Frankly, my dear, we don’t give a damn, but if we gotta be damned, we wanna be damned dancing through the night with you! 

So, buff up your baubles, detangle your tinsel and help the Fairy from the tree! Heaven can wait, but the Bats out of Hell ain’t that patient!   

There’s no doubt a certain fool for Yule from the Rumpus crew will have all his dreams come true with this medley of Meatloaf inspired magnificence.  Well maybe not all…I hear he’ll do anything for love, but he won’t do that.   

Dress Code Suggestions:

Jingle Belles & Bats out of Hell, 
Prepare your finest gear 
Dress up and dance 
Respect Romance 
And party with those you hold dear. 

Belles of the Bauble, Denim-clad Divas, Gowned Gorgeousness,
Motor-mad Minstrels, Frocked Fantasticals, Bad-ass Bikers, 
Furbiloed, Frilly Fanatics,  Leather Loveliness, Tinselled Twinkle-toes,
Long-haired Lotharios, Romantic Rockers,  Festive Freaks 

Main Room

Rum Buffalo – deep hip hop rhythms coated in synthesisers, brass and heavy bass lines.

King Punch – Bounce and drive through the night with upbeat melodies to gladden your heart and keep those dancing feet flying. 


Christmas on Crack – Happy Slap Boutique will be kicking up a storm with eye-watering performances and mind-bending DJs to feed your frenzied feet.

LuDec – Electric swing and remixed vintage music with world influences  

DJ Jamie Moon – Sharpest dressed DJ with beats to please and tease.

Room 2

Moodswings! presents: Santa’s Grimy Grotto. Come get grotty with Santa and his Ho Ho Ho’s. Bringing you the filthiest of beats
and basslines from the depths of his Grimy Grotto.

EZEE – An aficionado of the chunkiest electro soul and future funk jams. Always packing a punch with the most uplifting musical twists.

CATJAM – Merging from the electro swing scene originally, these boys are as versatile as it gets with their new range of Bassline whompers side served with vintage remix flavours.

JENOVA COLLECTIVE – The infamous Jenova Collective return to raise the roof once more with their eclectic selection of bass house and vintage edits. With earth shattering bass, these guys supply more vibrations than Ann Summers.

KRINKLE CUT B2B HARVESTER – A newly developed duo bringing a dynamic flow of UKG, Ragga bass and old school jungle riddims. These two delirium’s aren’t afraid to call in a swerve ball… Watch out!

DJM – The master of putting tunes together you never though would work. This man plays the wax like a fiddle as he unleashes some of the filthiest big beats and breaks with scratching finesse.

MOOD SWINGS MALARKEY – A mash up from the crew that brings you this bonkers ghetto of grottyness. Things can get mighty weird when all the gremlins get together.

Rodent – Finishing off the evening with a clap, Bang, do the chicken and a mash potato. This curious cat will be ending all our hammered ears with some good vibe classics and disco swagger to send you home in a smile.

Room 3 – Bass & Beats Ballroom

Brand new programming! Expect a dance-floor full of harder beats and better bass all night long as we revolutionise Rumpus’ musical programming.

Rockit Riyad – Harder, Longer, Faster!  

NeoPink – multi-bass all up in your face!

Panthro – banging beats and fast frenzied fun!

Ocelus – mastermind behind Happy Slaps and veritable party starter!

Room 4 – Balkan Roast Room

Hannah’s Jazzles – Translatlantic party jazz for that 4am feeling

Late Night Blues Experience with Alice Phelps – hot new trio ‘Struttin Time’.  Think Fats Waller, Louis Armstrong and Harry Belafonte.

Slow Mojo – Blues, funk and good ol’ rock ‘n’ roll!  Turning heads and tapping toes with colour spark and unbridled raw energy.  

Swamp Stomp String band – foot-stomping ho-down time with a manic melange of Jazz, Country, Swing Blues and Ragtime   

Sergio Falomir – foot-tapping, thigh-slapping, skirt-twirling pant-swinging electro-latino beats 

Room 5 – The Courtyard

Once again the busiest indoor outside space will be peopled with artists, face-painters and circus spectacularists!  All overseen by the kindly eye of the legendary DJ The Alchemist and his talented crew.

Room 6 – Wonderland Cafe

Those rainbow children and charitable chai peddlars will once again be providing comfort and succour in the form of tea and cake.

Room 7 – CineRave

VJ Harper weaving the best beats with the most vibrant visuals!