Rumpus: Glow!

Tickets for Rumpus: Glow! go on sale at 12.00pm Wednesday 8th March!

Our recent events have sold out in a mere FOUR days leaving scores of Creatures ticketless. To avoid such dire calamities, prepare to spring into action!

Rumpus: Glow! is paying homage to our venerable venue, the Islington Metalworks; our crucibles are overflowing with the mystical metals and lascivious lights of sculptor and long-time Rumpus regular, Susie Olczak, creating an immersive playing field upon which  Seasylph Games will unfold a custom live gaming experience from which almost everyone is expected to survive.

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Test your mettle in a quest of mesmerising missions and interactive adventures seeded throughout the event. Collect clues and solve puzzles as you journey through the seven rooms of circus acts, live music, DJs and walkabout wonders.

Mix 3 parts Running Man spandex with 2 parts Jetsons retro and a generous dash of molten smolten mysteries!

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Dress code
Flourescent Fancies, Luminescant Lads, Radiant Romantics, Gladiators of Glow, Smoldering Shamen, LED Ladies, Blazing Battlestars, Glam-glimmer-gamers, Sparkle-tarts, Flashing Futurists, Twinkling Teasers, Soldering Spacemen, Irradiated Indigents.

Tickets and full information

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Line Up

(full line-up to be announced)

Main Room

The Carny Villians – Stomp, swing and skank your hearts out with these riotous musical troupers

Crash Nomada – fizzing wild folk with rock-charged punk energy that will bounce you off the walls.

Roustabouts – Devilishly dandy DJs with a most pleasing penchant for the decadent and diverse

Nick T– Diverse dance mixes that are toe-tappingly tantalising!

Sacha DieuVeritable king of electro-swing!

Room 2

Happy Slap Boutique – Confirm your belief in the power of partying! Bounce, pop and drop with these musical creatures!

Room 3

Seas of Mirth – Cut your souls adrift with these nautically naughty, raucous corsairs aboard their mighty galleon of sound.

Colomboloco – Fun, frivolous and ballsy, dance like dervishes with these international wantons.

Mister Nice – The DJ that is so succulent, sweet, lovely & nice we just had to have him back!

Bert’s Pick of the Pops – We asked the custodial staff at Rumpus if anyone could DJ and to our surprise Bert the Caretaker said he and his Missus were mobile DJs in the 70’s. So they’ve dragged his gear out of the attic to play the Pick of the Pops from the 60’s and 70’s. Let’s just hope he forgot to pack the Disco.

Room 4 – Cake Room

Old Hat Jazz Band – Happy-making music, proper old skool

Jack Pout Blues Set – Blues-busting punster of fun!

The Flamenco Thief

Room 5 – The Courtyard

DJ the Alchemist brings you a gaggle of glorious DJs to keep you happily hopping and jauntily jigging in our infamous indoor outdoor space. 

Room 6 – The Wonderland Café 

Revel in the ineffable lightness of being. Tea and cakes with these magical and charitable Wonderland creatures.

Room 7 – Rumpus Cine-Rave

VJ Harper – Light up and shine with these mad visuals and fresh beats