Rumpus: Fluff vs Filth!

Creatures! The last Rumpi have sold out in FOUR DAYS
So, to prevent dire disappointment and mind-melting misery, get ready to pounce!

Whether you’ve been hibernating in fleecy cocoons of comfy-ness or flaggellating your own heat with dark and degenerate pursuits this Rumpus welcomes Creatures both soft and sinful.


So, if you’re an fabulous fairy or an impure imp; a velvety vixen or a ranger of raunch; a grime gargoyle or a soft strumpet; downy delight or a sultan of sleaze – gather your garments of snooze and slumber, polish your perversions, fluff up your muff, sequester your squalor and prepare to dance, trance and prance through the night.

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We have 7 rooms of wonder and wow to tease, tantalise, stimulate and satisfy. The bounciest bands, the most delectable DJs and the strange and curious creatures of acrobatic and aerial prowess that inhabit the land that is Rumpus!

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Dress Code Suggestions: Scandal Monger, Dirty Rotten Bastard, Silky Slut, Princess Powder-puff, Soft Slattern, Pillow Pixie, Airy Fairy Fluffy-toes, Squalid Squire, Soiled Siren, Downy Delight, Filthy Flesh-pot, Snuggle-Buggle Bear, Dust bunny, Velvety vixen,

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(more to be announced)

Get in the mood with our PLAYLIST!

Main Room

Gypsy Hill featuring Koby Israelite – imbibe the intoxicating mix of live and electronic Balkan beats and stomping ska, lyrical swing and savage surf rock.  You won’t know if you’re coming or going but you’ll definitely be dancing.

The Scribes – you’ll find yourself bouncing to block rocking beats that are a booming backdrop for the MCs quickfire flows with this inimitable crew.  Mixing live instrumentation with traditional hip hop sampling, expect everything from mosh pit rave bangers to more contemplative moods.

DJ Kobayashi – your dancing feet will stomp around the whole wide world with this traveller in sound

DJ Ocelus – dance to the best of the festival but indoors, party-starter and prince of the prance.

Penny Metal – gyrate and grin to the anarchic and eclectic beats weaving through this mischievous musical

Room 2

Mood Swings presents…. THE BOUDOIR 

The Mood Swings family journey to the south to bring warmth, comfort and pure filth to Rumpus with their bizarre boudoir full of trinkets, beds, rinsing basslines and outlandish characters around every corner.

Madame Electrifie – Get your dance on with this fusion of all things vintage with dirty driving bass, spun for you by DJ Little Jo’s alter-ego

Seritone – An example of a Bassline transmitter, an audio messenger that is vibrated between nerve cells. Once received by the target it is common for said nerve cells to excite.

Jenova Collective – Dropping all things vintage & everything that’s not! Expect Bass House, DnB, 140 nonsense & future beats all tied together with the subtle flavouring of a seedy speakeasy!

Extra Spectrum – Pumping out a vast range of sub heavy crunch and high energy musical infusions, Extra Spectrum collides a blast from the past with the new age of electronic wobbles.

Shamen – Equipped with his dirtiest selection of drum and bass bangers, expect amen infested neurofunk filth from this dirty skankin’ demon.

By ‘Eck – Our finest eclectic selecta bringing a stupidly vast array of soulful, energetic & bonkers bass music. You won’t be able to put your knees down once the tropical nonsense begins.

Key_Lo – Always floating amongst a broad range of styles but typically you’ll find him joining the dots between House, Techno, Breakbeat & Acid.

Ezee – A true pioneer of the Yorkshire sound system crews, Ezee will get those feet itching with his delightful taste of electro soul & glitch funk stonkers.

Room 3

DJ Jobo – let your feet be charmed to dance around the world beats with this traveller in music

Op Sa! – whirl and stamp with these fiery, tipsy gypsy Balkan beats bandsters.

Boom Dogs –  the stankiest, funkiest, slap-bassiest, nastiest filthiest funk-rock band in town

Rumpsteppers and Jon Bongly  – happy music make feel nice.

Room 4 – Balkan Roast

Forro FamilyLet this South American super-troupe induct you in the ways of  slow and sensual, Brazilian-flavoured partner-dancing.

Kamao QuartetA magical menagerie of toe-tapping and soul soothing songsters.

Alice Phelps Jazz and Friends – Crunchy vocal harmonies, elaborate clarinet solos and a loose and grooving rhythm section.

Kazoo Orchestra – Free your inner child with the manic joy of the Rumpus Kazoo Orchestra

Old Jelly Rollers – Strut and swank New Orleans-style with these jazzy chaps.

★★Room 5 – Courtyard★★

DJ the Alchemist brings you a gaggle of glorious DJs to keep you happily hopping and jauntily jigging the whole night through in our eclectically ecstatic indoor outdoor space.  Come dance with Ian Duzmore, Graham Eden, Rosebud Lix and the inimitable James Pb. 

Bitter and Twisted Cabaret –  Sensuality a speciality for these fantastically flexible fire-spinning, body-burning, stiltwalking aerial acrobats.

Deadbeat Cirqus Marvel at the jaw-dropping aerial acrobatics from this twisted duo.

Room 6 – The Wonderland Café
The epitome of civilized sophistication.  Tea and cakes with these magical and charitable Wonderland creatures.

Room 7 – Rumpus Cinerave – VJ Harper Sink into the softness and flirt with the filth of these mad visuals and fresh beats