Rumpus: Fantastic Beats And Where To Find Them!

Rumpus: Fantastic Beats And Where To Find Them

Tickets go on general sale midday on Wednesday 1st November! Get Ready to Pounce! Rumpus: Fantastic Beats And Where To Find Them!

Posted by Rumpus on Thursday, October 26, 2017

Welcome, Creatures!

To the magical, mystical and musical world of Rumpus!

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Imagine the bastard child of Pokemon Go and an ancient grimoire spread across 7 rooms of the best live music and most delectable DJs.

But this time, you are the Creatures.  Find your inner magical beast and bring it to the party! Collect as many other Creatures as possible. Then set them to battle each other; create a mini-society or just buy them all a drink.

You are the hunters and the hunted!

Tickets and full information here

We would like to announce that, following the unprecedented success of our panda breeding programme, we are expanding into unicorns. Please do not be alarmed if you happen upon a burly and dashing unicorn hunter. It is all part of our benevolent plan. We aim to save the species by providing a safe place for them to replenish their numbers.

We would like a reassure all Creatures there will be no pandas at this event. The Panda does not feature in world of magic, neither is it a known musical rhythmic device.

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Dress Code

Whilst we are loathe to enforce a dress code, we are duty bound to express that it would be singularly inappropriate for any pandas to attend this event.

Pert pixies, bouffant bass beats, positively no pandas, flamboyant phoenixes, quiversome quavers, daring drum-beats, definitely no pandas, mambo-ing minims, bedazzled basilisks, scintillating syncopation, pouting puffskeins, badass back-beats, tumescent trolls, absolutely no pandas at all, shimmering semi-breves, curvaceous chimeras, bootilicious break-beats, happy hoo-hoos, glamorous grindylows, coruscating crotchets, saucy sasquatches, zero pandas.

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Tickets and full information here


Main Room

Johnny Kowalski and the Sexy Weirdos – We couldn’t book Jacob Kowlaski so we went one better and captured a (probable) relative with awesome musical gifts

Galactic Funk Militia – These guys blew us away at a pub gig to such an extent we vowed to bring them to Rumpus so you, too, could enjoy the swagger and unalloyed joy they bring

Paradise Moist – get your feet jumping, your heart pumping and your grind bumping.

Sacha Dieu – Have a fling with the king of electro swing!

Clan Dextine – journey through bass and time, from swing to ska, blues to balkan, roots to rave and beyond!

Room 2


Come party with the National Carnival Collective, Fiesta Bombarda! Creatures of carefree joyousness.  Carnival-esque caperings and sunshine inspired sounds, trip the light fantastic through Fiesta funtimes. Immerse yourself in a Dub, Afrobeat & Funk showdown.




Room 3

Crinkle Cuts – revel in the eccentric, exotic and eargasmic physchedelic tapestry of good vibes.

King Cassady –  let the hypnotic Latin rhythms and interwoven guitars strum you to dervish dance floor ecstasy

Mister Nice – The DJ that is so succulent, sweet, lovely and nice, we just had to have him back!

Dr Amaqueen – damm funkie tunes and dancing dressing sharp…the Doctor is in!

NeoPink: NeoDroid – A performance DJ experience with live Djembe drumming over a pulsating African rhythm infused electronic dancescape. There may be DROiDs

Balkan Roast Room

Kamao Trio – Sooth your soul and get your toes tapping with this magical menagerie of manouche musicians.

The Flamenco Thief – get your stamp on with this percussive guitarist

Garance and the Mitochondries – dance along with Garance and the rag tag ensembel of gifted rogues from the street corners of London

Kazoo Orchestra – Free your inner child with the manic joy of the Rumpus Kazoo Orchestra

Faith I Branco – Feel the frenzy in your feet, party apace!

DJ Bob Gun – Funk to the maximum groove.

The Courtyard

DJ The Alchemist brings you a gaggle of glorious DJs to keep you happily hopping and jauntily jigging the whole night through in our creatively chilled indoor outdoor space. Featuring the uplifting Rosebud Lix, the jaw-dropping James PB, and the gorgeous Graham Edensounds as well as the one and only Awesome The Alchemist.

Wonderland Cafe

– The epitome of civilized sophistication.  Tea and cakes with these magical and charitable Wonderland creatures.

Rumpus Cinerave

VJ Harper – You’re sure to snag some fresh beats and mad visuals with our resplendent resident VJ.