Rumpus: Elements


Please note that you must have a VALID photo ID in order to enter the venue. This is due to the venue’s licensing and there are no exceptions!

You must also show proof of a registered, negative Lateral Flow Test that matches your name.


Rumpusidium.  The single most outrageous and raucous party molecule to have ever existed.  A single drop of this powerful element will make test tubes erupt in billowing clouds shapes like a gigantic disco ball, dousing everything around it in kaleidoscopic colour, strobing lights and syncopated sounds. 

☆★☆ Are you ready to get eleMENTAL?!  ☆★☆

Crash, bang and fuse your way through seven rooms over three floors packed to the brim with DJs, VJs, bands, artists and performers. Put on your lab coat, enter the Electrowerkz Lab and party the night away with all the madness, all the mayhem, and all the magic that’s made Rumpus London’s favourite indoor festival.

King Punch will be firing atoms of pure music into your earholes in the Main Room joined by our favourite madder-than-mad scientists of sound, Buffo’s Wake.

★☆Dress Code Suggestions★☆
Gassy Nobles; Ahh! (the element of surprise); Arrr (the pirate element);Fire Nymphs, Golems of Earth, Mer creatures of Water; Rising Phoenix; Slippery Salamanders; Feet of Clay; Wet Wet Wet; The Hellfire Club; Stone Cold Steve Austin; Three for Silver, Four for Gold; Long John Silver, The Prince of Fresh Air
★★ Line up ★★
★Room 1 – Main Room★
★ King Punch ★ London 7 Piece, smashing together a blend of ska, punk, hard rock and swing 
★Buffo’s Wake★ Armed with accordions, violins and a bucket full of gusto they waltz, tango, mosh and kolo their way through a vast array of influences
★Fizzy Gillespie ★ best known for his mashup style, sampling the sounds of the past 
Frd Blk / DJ Fred Balkayou” B2B with PADA tha french invader ★ – sharing the desk as part of their new project “Melted Sound SyStM” these partners in crime take you on a sonic trip thru DnB, Funky vintage tunes and Bass Classics. 

★ Room 2 – Cabarave Takeover! ★
Brighton’s totally debauched, feel good, immersive party Cabarave is taking over Rumpus’ room two for one night only! With DJ’s, Walkabout, Cabaret and eye-gasmic décor prepare to be thrown in at the deep end of unadulterated fun!

Cabarave Residents:

★DJ Can’t Say No★ Expect unashamed sing-a-long donks, nightcore, bounce & breaks that you will emerge from euphorically hugging your mates.

★ Akua ★ Up tempo madness from hardcrew hero Akua. Rinse outs so hard and fast you’ll think you’ve had a shower.

★ Shillin ★ Sweet, savoury and everything in between indulge yourself with an hour of his ear-candy.

★Babiest Baby★ This adult sized baby’s tunes are hyperactive and nostalgic enough to get you crawling around on all fours.

★Beauty and the Beat ★ The clue is in the name! This fiery talent will get Cabarave’s stage steamed up with high octane opulent mixes.
★ Room 3 – Beats & Bassline Ballroom ★
★ Katalyst ★ unique sound simultaneously spans the full 360 degrees of the DnB spectrum
★ Patch Attack ★ 
★ Madame Electrifie ★ Fusing the best vintage beats with the best of the modern age; Madame Electrifie takes classic grooves and threads through everything from hip hop and funk, to house, disco, bass and breaks to create a raucous dancefloor-focused party. 
★ OPGroover ★From the beat of the butterfly’s wings blow the bassbins.
Live long and bassface
★ Room 4 – Balkan Roast Room ★
★ DJ Mr Sandman ★ Forget about what’s trendy.. Enter dreamland as Mr Sandman sprinkles magical tunes into your ears
★ Jorge’s Hot Club ★ smokin’ hot gypsy jazz!
★ Los Gusanos ★  Los Gusanos was formed from the mutual adoration of Oscar Peterson and Errol Garner, but soon incorporated Colombian and Brazilian influences. Their live shows are energetic and virtuosic; and have been likened to watching “a Hendrix jam at a latin dive-bar”.
★ Blues Mammoth ★ Drawing influence from the giants of the blues such as Muddy Waters, Howlin’ Wolf and Jimmy Reed, the band set out to perform blues music with the fire, vitality and swagger it deserves. 
★ The Captain’s Beard ★ The Captain’s Beard be a company of traveling troubadours on a quest to bring drinking dancing folk rock music to everyone who lives the pirates life. We play songs of the grog, grot and grime that comes from sailing the high seas. Yarrr!
★ Room 5 – Courtyard ★
Our resident master of music, DJ theAlchemist brings his merry band of cohorts to our cheerily chilled inside outside space
★Room 6 – The Wonderland Cafe★
Raising money for Partnerships in The Gambia, the wonderful Wonderland lot bring you tea, cakes and the coziest place to sit down.
★ Room 7 – Cinerave ★
VJ Harper Visuals ★ brings you visuals and RnB beats to get you grinding