Rumpus: Dahl vs Dali!

For 1 night, across 7 rooms and 8 phantasmagorical hours, Rumpus is back bursting to the brim with live bands, DJs playing everything from turbo gypsy to Drum’n’Bass, art exhibitions, immersive theatre and walkabout performers.

Delve into a dazzling dream-scape of Dali-esque delights peopled with the inimitable inhabitants from the imagination of Roald Dahl.

It is with great excitement and no little trepidation that we lay before you this opulent opportunity for outlandish, hypnogogic and iconographic imaginings

Grab your gumption, take a long swig of marvellous medicine and prepare to perambulate through the fields of surreal.

What’s more, more is more!

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Back from the past, with fresh and inky promise, those incredible indelible masters of the craft: The  Rumpus pARTy Collective – a hit squad of artists, veterans of vignettes so dangerous that their pencils are legally classed as weapons.

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Psst!  By the way, did you know Rumpus does free Mumpus Tickets?  If you want to show your Mum* what it is you do on a Friday night, she can get in for free!
*Dads count too.


Dress Code

Wacky Willy Wonka, Peachy People, Marvellous Mr Fox, Mummys and DaDas, Rambunctious Roly Poly Bird, Piquant Picasso, Orange-cheeked Oompa-Loompas, Apple-cheeked Magritte, Feathered prankster – Mortimer, Funky Frida Kahlo, Twits both Mr and Mrs, Constellations of Joan Miro, Terrifying Trunchbull, Mystical Mugglewump,

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Main Room

Cool Beans Collective – Off the rails tune selection from these rambunctious reprobates hunting down and delivering dance floor fillers and swung out bombs for set after infectiously pumping set!
Rogue Siesta – Dance it up with a mix of reggae, latin, ska.
Loud Noises Brass Band – Does what it says on the tin, but with nobs on! Classy, brassy songsters.
Vibe Roulette – Two MCs Two DJs.  Chance to dance! Spin the wheel and ask yourself: are you feeling lucky, punk?
DJ Arnivore

Room 2 – Wonderland

These radiant Rumpus regulars are taking up the baton for DJ shenanigans. The party is marvellously, magically, mad…and all for a good cause!

Watch this space as more line-up to be announced soon.

Room 3

Jon Bongly – Feel the force of positive energy skillfully spinning anything with a swing. Happy music make feel nice.
Op Sa! – whirl and stomp with these fiery, tipsy gypsy Balkan beats bandsters.
Counting Coins – Get ready to skank, pogo, mosh, jig, polka and maybe even waltz. No enemies, no strangers – GET INVOLVED!
Heleness – tripping from blistering, punchy breakbeats, tribally techno, hypnotic tech house, sleazily grinding electro, to more mellow deep house and tropical Afro and Balearic beats.
NeoPink: NeoDroid – A performance DJ experience with live Djembe drumming over a pulsating African rhythm infused electronic dancescape. There may be DROiDs

Room 4 – The Cake Room

Swamp stomp string band – bonanza of bouncing banjos and bass!
Happy Biegel Klezmer Orkester – guaranteed to make you laugh, dance, and cry, all at the same time.
The Rin Tins – are you ready for folk fueled jazz jive boogie?
Spanner Jazz Punks   Anarcho-Gallic Extravagance – the troublesome offspring of a frenetic marriage between sleazy punk jazz and psychedelic performance art.
DJ Eltham John – Playing and flailing some tipsy gypsy dirty dancehall messy mash-up and circus bezerkers.

Room 5 – The Courtyard

The Alchemist and his wizard posse return to transform the Courtyard with their chilled out beats and bass.

Room 6 – Wonderland Cafe

If a dance floor full of this wonderful crew wasn’t enough prepare for the all the cosy splendour of our favourite festive café.  It’s time for tea and cakes with these whimsically wonderful charitable Wonderland Creatures!

Room 7 – Rumpus CineRave

VJ Harper returns to send you on a sensory excursion up the stairs…and beyond!

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