Rumpus: Clowns in Gowns


Tickets for Rumpus: Clowns in Gowns! go on sale 12.00pm Wednesday 3rd May!

Our last event sold out in FOUR HOURS!! Creatures of wit and worth, act fast, act fastidiously, but act!  Do not join the scores of Creatures wailing and gnashing their teeth in disappointment.

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Tickets and full information here!

Tickets and full information

Fools, clowns, jokers and jesters, don your dresses, and fetching finery for Rumpus is upon us once again!

Hark, hark the dogs do bark
The beggars are coming to town
Some in rags and some in tags
And one in a velvet gown

The kings and queens of jollity will be laughing and lording it large at this indoor festival to kick off the summer of all summers.  So fetch out your furbiloes, match up your motley and make for the Metalworks for seven rooms of wonder and spectacle with live bands, DJs, circus acts, dancing and twisted fun beyond imagination.

Tickets and full information

Dress code: Matchless mummers, Fools in frocks, Harpies with Harlequin Habits, Pranksters in Pelisses, Damask-Draped Dunces, Silken Sillies, Quilted Quippers, Robed Roustabouts, Brocaded Buffoons,  Apes in Adorned Apparel, Petticoated Prats, Rag-tagged and Wigged Wags.

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(more acts to be announced)

Main Room

Discount Orchestra – feet-twistingly manic, visceral energy.

Millie Manders – Obnoxiously addictive, fierce, fast and furious.

Mista Trick – ecstatic, eclectic, electro-swing-your-pants

Len Hovis – devilish and delectable dj beats from this slack of all trades, master of fun!

Room 2

Hot Cakes return to Rumpus, throwing down a joyous blend of jungle, breakbeats and bass music, all wrapped up in a carnivalesque glow of rambunctious pure firepower.

Deekline – funky fresh beats from a bona fides underground icon.

Jurassik – Rumpus regular; Nice-ing up the dance floor for some bad-man booty-soothing and soul-shaking vibes.

Fish – finest, fruity rudeboy riddims.

Sherry S devastating dancehall dextress: grime it up!

Room 3

Babilondon –  Happy summer skanking music.

Clan Dextine
– journey through bass and time, from swing to ska, blues to balkan, roots to rave and beyond.

Charlie Chuckles – jump for joy and dance with delight

Brett Wilkinson – banging beats to keep the up the heat beyond dawn

Room 4 – Studio 53

Welcome, debauched Creatures, to this slice of 70s glamour projected through the acid-laced lens of the present day, daubed with decadence and riddled with raucous fun.

Funkier, goofier and more fabulous than Studio 54 and located just one floor below.
Back-2-Back DJs – Paul Hanford, Glitchard & Judy & Tommy Tuppence Disco, firing funk, soul and ghetto bass all night long.

Groove the night away in a flurry of glitter-ball gorgeousness to music of the era tastily twisted by our skilled music maestros.

Salvador Dali will, of course, be offering surrealist portraits to our raffish revellers whilst the miasmic maelstrom whirls around him.

Room 5 – The Courtyard

DJ the Alchemist brings you a gaggle of glorious DJs to keep you happily hopping and jauntily jigging in our infamous indoor outdoor space. 

Room 6 – The Wonderland Café 

Tea-dresses and pancake make-up. Tea and cakes with these magical and charitable Wonderland creatures.

Room 7 – Rumpus Cine-Rave

VJ Harper – Mad visuals and fresh beats to feed the frenzy of crazy.


Tickets and full information