Rumpus: Chess


Please note that you must have a VALID photo ID in order to enter the venue. This is due to the venue’s licensing and there are no exceptions!


Kings and Queens of the good realm of Rumpus, it’s about time we club together to cause another Rookus. With Rumpus: CHESS! We’re going against the clock with some serious tunes to disturb your piece. Don’t worry if you don’t know the rules – you’re allowed to check

☆★☆ Tickets go on sale 23rd February at 12o’clock midday ☆★☆

Practise your best moves in seven rooms over three floors packed to the brim with DJs, VJs, bands, artists and performers. Join us at Electrowerkz for a different kind of Knight school at London’s favourite indoor festival.

Mama Moonshine giving you that Saturday knight fever and Mad Apple Circus, this Apple’s juice never seems to quench. Bringing their bouncy beats and chequered pasts to the main room dance floor to get you moving.

★☆Dress Code Suggestions★☆
Grandest of gambits, Hard Days knights, rookie mistakes, “once a pawn a time…”, raining royalty, knight’s-cool dropouts, Bishops vs hardcore pawn, King pins, herds of nerds, superb sacrifices, grand master Tarrasch, the magic kingdom, B4 the dancefloor, Deep Blue’s CPU, too hip 2B square.
★★ Line up ★★
★Room 1 – Main Room★
☆DJ Giorgio Bonetti ☆ Funky Fresh Rythms From Spain –
☆ Mama Moonshine ☆ Tales of desire and moments of wonder sway between funk jams and galloping blues rhythms. –
☆ Mad Apple Circus ☆ Rabble rousers delivering nothing but the good stuff with an infectious mix of ska/ hip-hop & jazz –
☆ DJ Sacha Dieu ☆ Known across the UK for sets brimming with the best in Balkan Gypsy, Electro Swing and Global Beats, don’t let this DJ fool you into thinking this is all he’s got. –
☆ DJ Gypsy box ☆ one of the most active DJs and promoters on the Balkan-Cumbia scene in Europe.

★ Room 2 – TTP Takeover! ★

☆ DJ Hiphoppapotamus Ft. Feline ☆ Only the freshest home made tropical beats from afro-infused house to samba-infused Jungle! Accompanied by one and only the Feline on the mic with his fluid and positive rhymes!…/the-notgoulash-disko-mixtape…

☆Dutchie Vs Drifty ☆
Each a Queen and King of the bass music scene in Bristol, these two will be pulling out all sorts of rare bassy bangers from 140 to jungle and global bass!

☆Tigerbalm ☆
Bringing fresh productions of her own brand of downtempo global beats and cosmic disco grooves, we cant wait to have Tigerbalm play her first Tropical Tea Party set!

☆ Count Bassy ☆
Long time festival DJ with Continental Drifts and a premium selecter of reggae, afrobeat, latin grooves and global bass…. you can count on Count Bassy to bring nothing but pure good vibes from around the world!…/global-beats-club-promo-mix

☆ Feline (DJ set) ☆
A man of many talents, the MC Feline will also be playing special Dj set of all things reggae, dubwise, jungle and positive party vibes!

★ Room 3 – Beats & Bassline Ballroom ★

☆ Mary Miss Fairy ☆ Filthy electro beats, breaks and bass from Bristol.

★ Kitten Club take over ★
☆Artemis☆ DnB DJ & a Junglist at heart, she’s sure to cause chaos on the decks.
☆ Esme Banks ☆ With a bad gal vibe with a love for sound system culture, Esme Banks has found her flavour from DnB to Jungle and all in-between.
☆Eresid☆ This DJ refuses to play by the rules – expect the unexpected

☆ NeoPink ☆ Twisted bastard bass music for tortured Neodroids.

★ Room 4 – Balkan Roast Room ★

☆ DJ Bop Gun ☆ focused on groove-based music in all its forms, from Funk/Soul to Nu Jazz/Broken Beat passing through Hip Hop, Afrobeat, Latin, Reggae… FREE YOUR MIND AND YOUR ASS WILL FOLLOW! –

☆ The Cabarats ☆ With a seamless mix of reggae folk and Balkan ska their lively, unique sound is definitely smile inducing.

☆ Los Gusanos ☆ After not being able to play due to Covid, they are BACK!
Formed from the mutual adoration of Oscar Peterson and Errol Garner, but soon incorporated Colombian and Brazilian influences. Their live shows are energetic and virtuosic; and have been likened to watching “a Hendrix jam at a latin dive-bar”.
★ Room 5 – Courtyard ★
Our resident master of music, DJ theAlchemist brings his merry band of cohorts to our cheerily chilled inside outside space
★Room 6 – The Wonderland Cafe★
Raising money for Partnerships in The Gambia, the wonderful Wonderland lot bring you tea, cakes and the coziest place to sit down.
★ Room 7 – Cinerave ★
VJ Harper Visuals ★ brings you visuals and RnB beats to get you grinding