Rumpus: Baroque and Roll

☆★☆ Are you ready to Baroque and Roll?  ☆★☆

The year is 1734 and all the court has gathered for the Grand Ball at the lavish Electrowerkz Hall. Every duke, every princess, every noble creature of the realm is gathered, chalices in hand, when suddenly a raucous troupe of leather-clad, spike-adorned bikers revved their bikes past the carriages and  the gathered gentry to erupt into the ballroom, guitars strapped to their backs.  

Suddenly the melodic sounds of the harpsichord is joined by the cacophonous roar of reverb pedals and crash of cymbals. The unmistakable sound of rock and roll shake the very foundations of glorious palace.  

The crowd goes wild. 

Will you be present to see these two worlds collide?  

Rocking their way into the Main Room we have the intoxicating sounds of Rum Buffalo, joined by Rumpus’ most favourite band ever: Mariachi El Pinche Gringo.  

Waltz, promenade and saunter your way through seven rooms over three floors packed to the brim with DJs, VJs, bands, artists and performers. Mingle with the members of the court and rock the night away with all the madness, all the mayhem, and all the magic that’s made Rumpus London’s favourite indoor festival.

★☆Dress Code Suggestions★☆
Bolshy, Bolshoi Ballerinas, Iron Maidens vs Bach Sabbath, A Harpsichord Gently Weeps, Wolf Gang Mows Art,  The Black Megadeth: Plague Classics, Turn the pianissimo up to 11, Serf’s Up!, Fur Elise by Deaf Leppard, The Rolling Ba-rocks, All Along The Watchtower vs Gaolhouse Rock, Raving Rembrandt, 2 Hot 2 Handel 

★★ Line up ★★
★Room 1 – Main Room★
★Rum Buffalo★ Space punk with filthy synths and epic horn lines.
★Mariachi El Pincho Gringo★ These lads might not be Mexican, but they’re definitely for realz. Nothing – and we mean NOTHING – we’ve ever seen on a stage has made us as happy as these lads.
★ DJ LuDec ★ Mixing tropical electronic cumbia with heavy Bass Balkan beats, Swing and vintage remixes peppered with filthy blues
★ Mr. Hovis ★ The best thing since Raw Toast.. Putting the Disco into Orchestra, the Eccentric in Eclectic, and the Bat back in Hell..
★ Charlie Chuckles ★ Serving up a saucy smorgasbord of ghetto funk, hip-hop and party breaks – music to lose your well-dressed shit to.
★ Room 2 – Mood Swings Takeover ★
Mood Swings are back at Rumpus this December. Expect over the top larks and liveliness from these lovable lads and lasses from Leeds. Their super secret lineup will be announced soon.

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★ Room 3 – Beats & Bassline Ballroom ★
★ DJ Can’ Say No ★ 50% human and 50% Buckfast powered Clownicorn
★ Panthro ★ taking you on a thunderous journey through beats and bass.
★ Esme Banks ★ This junglist queen isn’t afraid to bring the heat with her high energy sets and mixes. Part of the female collective, Kitten Club: this Kitten will have you on your toes all night long!
★ TLK ★ Dishing out the drum and bass rollers! 
★ Room 4 – Balkan Roast Room ★
★ DJ Bobgun ★  groove-based music in to free your mind! 
★De Fuego ★ sensational, inspirational flamboyant flamenco guitars to set you stamping. 
★ Shunta ★  Non Stop Balkan Bacchanalia 
★ Hugh Blue Jones & The All Alones ★ Hugh was Blue and the All Alones were All Alone. Now they’re all together and playing rip roaring slide guitar blues, with the occasional sad song about death. 
★ 9 Dead Mice ★ Virtuosic violin-led Celtic and English folk trio 
★ Room 5 – Courtyard ★
Our resident master of music, DJ theAlchemist brings his merry band of cohorts to our cheerily chilled inside outside space.
★Room 6 – The Wonderland Cafe★
Raising money for Partnerships in The Gambia, the wonderful Wonderland lot bring you tea, cakes and the coziest place to sit down.
★ Room 7 – Cinerave ★
VJ Harper Visuals ★ brings you visuals and RnB beats to get you grinding