Rumpus is very much about the dressing up.  It’s an opportunity to be who and what you want to be, what you’ve dreamed about being, what you’ve wondered about being and what you’ve never even dreamed about being.  It’s an opportunity to be a bit – or even – very creative.

At Rumpus we’re all about the fun and the silliness, so expect to see Creatures, cosmonauts & cowboys.  We also appreciate a bit of good old fashioned tailoring, so there’s always more than a few Daps and Dapettes in their pinstripes, bowler hats and tails.  You might see some Steampunks, maybe some Goths, a handfull of Ravers and plenty of bRavers. All tribes are welcome at Rumpus.

Having said all this, please bear in mind that Rumpus does not have an enforced dress code.  You won’t ever be turned away because you aren’t dressed up, and people will party with you just the same if you haven’t got a tail on.  A good party might be about people looking good, but a Fanfuckingtastic Party is about people feeling great – and sometimes being half of a pantomine horse just feels a bit too ridiculous.  Even the crew turn up to Rumpus in their civvies sometimes.  We’d rather party with *you* than with your costume.

If it’s your first Rumpus, have a look at the Galleries for some inspiration.  If you’re really stuck, wear a tail.  And if all this talk of dressing up sounds a bit too silly, don’t worry: by the next time you come to Rumpus, you’ll be all creatured up.

Or you won’t.  And that’s fine too.