Rumpus Vol. 3: Carnival!

Passing five aliens in the foyer, we enter the madness. And it’s straight to Clapton Metropole Room where a makeshift pineapple bar serves pretty unsavoury cocktails to speakeasy sounds. There’s a Tell Tale corner offering animal tails for a tenner and it’s got that fresh, early morning festival vibe, with small groups animatedly chatting to one another as we wait for things to really kick off.

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Katie Antoniou

London sees many new clubnights come and go- some fail to achieve what they were aiming for, many become victims of their own success. So when a new night comes along that actually hits the spot, you’re slightly loathed to tell everyone about it. But to keep Rumpus a secret would be to go against everything that makes it special- its sense of inclusion, the need for participation and the lack of any pretensions or exclusivity. It’s grown from a gathering of a few hundred people in 2010, to the two thousand+ strong party coming up in June. Rumpus will also be bringing the party to Wilderness Festival this year. While the venues may change, the key Rumpus ingredients stay the same: music, performance and your imagination. The team members are always on hand with costume rails and make-up areas to help you embrace your Rumpus alter ego. Continue reading “Katie Antoniou”

Amandine Jean

C’était le quatrième anniversaire de la Rumpus Party vendredi 6 juin, une soirée devenue mythique et incontournable pour ses thèmes déguisés.

Il est peu avant minuit, l’heure pour les créatures de la nuit de rejoindre le Coronet Theatre, à Elephant and Castle. Le thème de la soirée est “Frontiers”. On croise donc dans les rues pas mal d’Indiens d’Amérique et de cows boys en goguette, mais aussi des gens habillés de guirlandes lumineuses, des animaux…. pour une interprétation plus figurée ou personnelle du thème. On pénètre dans un théâtre qui date de la seconde partie du XIXe siècle au son de percussions brésiliennes. Continue reading “Amandine Jean”