Rumpus is back!

Dearest Creatures,

You’ve waited. We’ve waited.

You got fidgety. We got fidgety.

You want to dance. We want to dance.

You’ve got an outfit ready. We’ve got an outfit ready.

And finally all that patience has paid off, for behold: we announce the return of Rumpus!

Our doors shall open once again and we shall welcome you warmly to the hallowed halls of Metalworks!

Our dates for the 21/22 season are:

  • 2nd October 2021
  • 4th December 202
  • 15th February 2022
  • 2nd April 202
  • 24th June 2022

We are eagerly stoking the fires and getting the mighty engine of the Good Ship Rumpus back to life, so we ask for a bit of patience from you as we prepare to sail together again. If you have a League of Ridicule membership or a deferred ticket from last year we’ll be getting in touch soon, just hold tight (but feel free to get in touch and tell us what you’ve been up to COZ WE BLOODY MISS YOU!)