What’s Rumpus About?

The Different Sides of Music

We think there’s Good Music in every Genre*.  We think that, eventually, parties that play just one kind of music get a bit boring.  We think a party just gets better by finding as much Good  Music, from as many Genres as possible, and playing it at Good People**.

The Way Parties Should Be

We think a Good Party is about more than cramming people onto a dance floor and playing music at them.  We think a Good Party is about live bands, good DJs, shows, off-stage performances, art and visuals. We think a Good Party is about giving the crowd a chance to get dressed up, be expressive and get involved.

Going to a Good Party should feel like wandering through a festival, but without having to pay a fortune or having to sleep in the mud.

Most importantly, we think a Good Party is about respect.  It’s about respecting the performers and the crew, and not asking them to work for “experience”, like so many promoters in London expect.  We think the people working hard to bring you an amazing party should get paid.  Sounds simple, but actually, it’s pretty unusual.  We also think it’s about respecting the crowd.  We aren’t going to schedule the same old acts as everyone else, and we aren’t just going to make you sit through those same old burlesque acts.  We’re going to work hard to make every Rumpus new and different, and to make sure you have the best time you could have.

Creative Collaboration

We invite different crews to get involved, and to do what they do best. We prefer to work with artists and performers who are creating and experimenting, rather than with seasoned professionals who are just going to run through their usual show.  We want Rumpus to be a platform for artists, performers, and creative practitioners of every ilk to have a chance to showcase experimental work.

*With the possible exception of early 80’s post-progressive Russian thrash gabba.  That shit is whack, yo.
**Preferably rather loudly.