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*** TICKETS***

For Lost Tickets, Tickets eaten by your dog, mutant zombie vampire Tickets and Other Such Disasters, please contact Ticketscript, our ticketing company, directly.

Want to know more about Rumpus?
Want to perform at Rumpus?
Want to get involved?
Want to invite us to your sister’s wedding?
Just want to have a general chat about the weather?

Drop a line to our ever so helpful Dolores Conchita de Ramirez Perez
(However, please bear in mind that Dolores does not have the power to magically make more tickets available once they are Sold Out)

If you are a band or musician who would like to play at Rumpus, please send your Venga Boys cover to Dolores.

To exhibit Art in the Rumpus Art Exhibition, or to get involved with making some art, please contact Harlot Von Charlotte.

Or, to discover the deepest, darkest secrets of the universe contact Santi directly:


Our incredible illustrations are all thanks to the genius of Alex Moore

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