• Fools, Ghouls & Jewels


    Tickets go on sale noon Wednesday 21st February

    In association with London Games Festival, for one night, across seven rooms and 8 bewitching hours, the fantastical freakery that is Rumpus revels and roisters.

    Be afraid, be very very afraid, for SeaSylph Games returns with an immersive live game stretching throughout the entire venue featuring YOU versus YOU! Will you join the Fools, are you a Ghoul, or are you a…. bloody hell, is that a Dragon?! With a night of quests, plots, schemes, and hoarding you must decide whom to follow. Will you help the Lord of Misrule flummox the Cannibal Queen of the Ghouls? Or will you take her side instead? Or maybe your tastes are more sparkly, and… Scaly. Whosever side you choose, dress according to the team you follow: Fools, Ghouls or Jewels!

    Jesters, and jokers, flesh-eating monsters and sparkly-gemmed vajazzlers all, will be dancing up a storm of glorious proportions with those riotous Creatures, Buffo’s Wake, Ushti Baba and Clan Dextine up in the Main Room.

    Giving it to you hard and fast down on the ground floor are Forest of Fools and Lead Shot Hazard.

    The Balkan Roast returns bursting with bands and bards from around the world. DJs deliver drop-dead divine beats, acrobats perform fantastic feats and feints of Circus and roving artists roam.

    Expect all this and oh-so-much more!